A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease

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A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease


Trace says:

Good video. Sad story. I feel this lady's pain, as my life has also been stolen, and I am still waiting… with all the symtoms, and no diagnosis.

Nancy Stone says:

I highly recommend going to http://www.lymephotos.com, it has helped a lot of people. Salt and Vitamin C will give you your life back. It is not a quick fix, but it does work. You will know after one week that the salt and C is working for you. Salt has been an antibiotic since the beginning of medicine and Vitamin C will rebuild your immune system.

GhostHunter _Gaming says:

This video does No justice to people who Truly are in the late stages. My wife is not able to walk outside like a normal person, as she suffers great pain continuously, and must wear a mask due to extreme sensitivities. The woman in this video is fortunate to have a relatively normal life

Robby B says:

I had a test immediately after my tick bite and when it came up negative, I thought I was okay. The Dr never bothered to tell me I would need another test down the road. After several months, I began to get extremely ill and now I have more bad days than good days. Some days I can't walk, I have depression, numbness and pain/cramps in my legs, I have brain fog, I've developed some stuttering and can't concentrate, can't sleep at night, I'm miserable. The only thing that happened to me to cause such a drastic downward spiral is that tick bite. Before that, I worked out, I was healthy and active, had no health problems. I have no insurance so if I have to pay for another test it's $250. And why bother if the Drs admit the tests are inaccurate a lot of the time? I'm not going on antibiotics anyway so instead, I am starting an herbal/homeopathy protocol. Ugh, this is horrible, it's like slowly dying, I feel like an 80 year old sick person most of the time. I'm hoping for some improvement with this protocol.

skulledmonte84 says:

1:28 Brutal is 100 % correct

Carol Wheatley says:

I was told I had chrons

M Night says:

Lyme is passed through sexual activity especially semen

Tootlems Farm says:

I suspect I have Lyme disease. Have had it for several years and getting worse. Today I can hardly walk and get tired very easily.
What is the best test to take to find Lyme?

Carter Gileau says:

i had this stuff for a month

RadicalRalph Russo says:

WXYZ,There is no GD complication to any of this but the GD CDC CSers telling the GD Doctors not to think for himself and do as The(CDC) GD SAY.YOU FUCKING HALF ASS NEWS PIGS,GET IT FUCKING RIGHT!BTW AH,ITS A GD BIO WEAPON,Do you not watch 60 GD Minutes?

Moe yes says:

im 13 and i have it

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