Milwaukee police release body cam footage of Sterling Brown’s arrest

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In January, the 23-year-old Milwaukee Bucks rookie was tased and arrested by police, but the incident did not result in criminal charges and prompted an internal investigation.


Ashley FLANAGAN says:

This is everyday in Milwaukee, especially the north side, this is the south side of Milwaukee. Cops think they can talk to you crazy and you basically gotta act scared of them…. They wonder why we see them we don't respect them… they treat all blacks the same, treat all blue the same…

KAMAHKAZI 33 says:


No Pasa Nada says:

Fucking cock suckers fuck Pigs !

LurkerDood says:

He didn't listen to the Cops 100%

That's how Black guys get into trouble

He was like half listening to the Cop, I can see why they would be jumpy, dude is like 6' 6"!!!!

Randy Anderson says:

The new day KKK.. Yo whats up with that mug shot. He looked like he had been chiefing on some of that good good. The cop at 5:49 looks like he has prison tatts. meaning they do not look proffessional at all. Actually looks like a corner dude. Wouldn't be surprised if hes not some guy they found on the street. Because all I saw were white cops in that arrest video.

Jojew says:

Parking in a handicapped spot? Black privilege I guess. Fuck him

Justin Turner says:

Just think if he hadn’t of parked like an asshole this never would have happened.

Babatunde Famutimi says:

This is America!!!!!

john Baldock says:

Sorry but that "black man" is at fault! WTF America let cops be cops.

insAneTunA says:

All this for a car that is parked wrong??? In my country you get fined and a ticket behind the wipers and that's it. In some cases the car get's pulled away.

With this aggressive style of law enforcement it's asking for trouble. There is absolutely no need for it when you are dealing with a wrong parked car in the middle of the night. And why the hell would you taser a guy when you already have him? It seems so unnecessary. I didn't get the feeling that the officer had any intention to be reasonable.

Carl Parish says:

The policemen display what appears to be a personal deep seated anger toward the black man over an illegal parking. I’m a black man almost 70 years old and I personally experience negative treatment in Chicago over simple things that would not ordinarily happen to white Caucasians.

Aleksandar Ilijasevic says:

USA, fuckin police state

javier ramirez says:

Police will review and it was not right because he was famous so we will now punish them by giving them couple weeks off with pay .dumass cops

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