Zoology: The Career, The Adventure

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This is a project on Zoology for my language arts class, credit for songs and the photos that aren’t mine are listed at the end. The song is You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins.


Janeth Torres says:

How often do you have to travel? What are the benefits, pros & cons?
How can I gain experience at age 17?
Where do I start ? –

Shah Baba says:

Please guide me how can i become a zoologist easily

Kira Mitchell says:

I am from india and I want to become a wildlife biologist but that field is not so famous here…but I really want to become that and I will work hard and m sure I will work as one somewhere around the world #FollowYourDreams

Ethan Agzer says:

I believe I can become one and If I try hard I can do it

Fluminox 5284 says:

What's a phd

Lol_UMad_Bro 23 says:

I want to work with alllll

no I am not Wolffish says:

My dream career ^^

The Wired 1s says:

Lmao that bear

Sarah Pearce says:

Why am I crying though? 😛 I love animals so much <3 <3 <3

Jeff Joseph says:

Came for the song

Madeleine Draws says:

Such a great video!!

Benjamin Clason says:

My girlfriend is interested in zoology as a career. But how often are jobs in zoos open. I heard you need a PhD

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