Portugal 1-0 France 2016 Euro Final All Goals & Extended Highlight HD/720P

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Portugal 1-0 France 2016 Euro Final All Goals & Extended Highlight HD/720P
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Top apps says:

Guerreiro is awesome

David Ocampos says:

amazing goal of eder

Dhana Ningthoujam says:

M frm India.. Portugal won it Ronaldo won it many of heart bt on that day France played better thn them n dnt think Portugal was best team on tht tournament n still..France wer far better than them n 18 world cup Portugal will not b in quarter final ..France,German,Brazil, Spain will b champs this year for me France is the best present bes team

Boutry Lucien says:

Le Portugal mérite pas sa coupe

Ricardo Jesus says:

The arrogance of France before and after the match was unbelievable, you guys deserved to lose in your own country.

Nikas Malfoy says:

Best day in my life❤

Matty Mac says:

Truly an underdog story despite being benefitted from new rules. In the end, winning the trophy is what counts and that's it.

GioDuude117 says:

How did sissoko get the highest rating out of that match

Guilherme Pinto Costa says:

All goals? There was only one goal

Eric Johnson says:

All Portuguese players are such ridiculous assholes. Fuck off, seriously.

Aghitsna Yamanan says:

portugal is winner

markorevan says:

Greece 2004 was far more deserving than this lucky Portugal. Atleast Greece defeat 2x Portugal,France and atomic Czech + 1-1 with Spain. Portugal didn't even won game in group stagem

Feliciano Ernesto Guevara says:

to shoot the ball so hard with the instep was messi like! normally only messi is able to shoot the ball so hard witht the instep! most players can only shoot hard if they use the middle part of the foot!

laa song says:

Portugal keeper is the best in this world

Pedro Bento says:

Payet u put RONALDO crying in final and now in Europa league u cried too because u injured yourself karma is hart

bipin thapa says:

how to win euro dive cry n celebrate others goal

Caner Şen says:

ananı sikiyim payet ananı

Ahlani Lani99 says:

Ronaldo ko cidera

Jake Delhinski says:

Still Messi is better than Ronaldo! Ronaldo is a diving cheater who gets his ways when he pays the refs.

Forr3ster says:

A game of goalkeepers


Payet, dirty.

That T-shirt Guy says:

The only thing this game showed us is that Gignac is shit, and Koscielny is a terrible defender. But then again one plays in Mexico and the other plays for Arsenal so you really can't expect anything much from those two.

Aditya Belekar says:

Portugal won because of bloody third place. It was used for first time.

AmeliaTheBoss Girlftw says:

I watch full match

AmeliaTheBoss Girlftw says:

France were selfish they wanted to win but take Ronaldo off

João Reis says:

So many baguettes and avecs crying. I feed on their tears

davipinto 13 says:

Portugal mostrou que sabe jgr sem o melhor do mundo

KillBill Grill says:

I was so fucking happy when they scored

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