What If Amazon Ran Hospitals? – The Medical Futurist

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Technology giants want to get a piece of the healthcare market. Microsoft launched a healthcare division based on artificial intelligence. Google kicked-off Verily. Amazon considers selling prescription drugs online.

But let’s do a thought experiment. What if Amazon ran a hospital?

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Avicenna M says:

I agree with you but there will need to be regulations for drones and AI. As there are methods of taking down drones and ways of disrupting AI/machine learning.

Alayta says:

Very well spoken! Do you do speeches on Events?
Greetings from Germany!

Kartik Mittal says:

I dont think doctors shld b reviewed
Medicine is very subjective and experimenting options and even methods of treatment, nothing follows protocol in personalised care
Reviewing a doctor will bring down his morale, especially in high mortality branches like cardiology and nephrology

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