The four monster shifts of disruption in healthcare

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Like most industries, the Future of Healthcare can best be described as disruptive. Four key trends will determine the success and failure of Healthcare. These new trends require that Healthcare leaders understand the trajectory of change and the new business practices they will need to adopt in order to thrive and prosper. These four trends include: 1.) Disruptive Innovation, 2.) Connection Architecture, 3.) Consumerization and 4.) Shifting Economic Models. In this powerful presentation, world-renowned Healthcare Technologist and Futurist and Number One Best-Selling Author Nicholas Webb will share with the audience the new systems, processes and cultures that are driving The Best Healthcare Brands in the world.

• The Three Actionable Dimensions of the Future of Healthcare
• The Consumerization of Healthcare and the impact of Patients Experience (PX) Strategy
• Digital ubiquity and Patient as a Digital Note (PaaDN)
• Beyond Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Destructive Innovation
• The Three Waves of the Future of Healthcare and… what to do about it
• Why the top brands in Healthcare are hosting weekly Hackathons
• The New Economic Models of Healthcare and how to participate


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