PS4 5.55 System Software UPDATE DETAILS

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PS4 5.55 System Software UPDATE DETAILS no jailbreak available. PS4 Cheap GAMES:
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Adrenaline_ Rush says:

Sup monkeyflop love your videos

Throne Throne says:

All my data is gone!!!

Young Mamaboo says:

Unplug power cord and put it back in

Dustin Julien says:

It helped me out a lot bcuz I had a delay when holding down the PS button to access the quick menu to mute my Mic and camera.

MoneyGodzz117 GTA_YT says:

I already new about the update before it came out. Lol. I don't need youtube for this shit. go do something useful

albert m says:

this update does not let me go online and It won't update. I tried everything

Brandon Martinez says:

Dose not work

Julio Cano says:

My internet is not working to connect to my PS and I do have internet but my PS says failed every time what do I do?

sabby Z says:

Hi guys come check out my awesome lives and gaming music videos at sabby z check it out and subscribe 🙂 thanks

YoRHa UNIT A2 says:

FUCK update my food stamp card

MrSpeedDemon72 says:

Why so many people having problems with this update?

JoshyPowee / says:

Plz help when I download this update it says a error has occurred o don't know what to do

Elias Gustafsson says:

When is name change coming. I HATE My name on ps4

Derp Derp says:

Mine updated just fine and now it won’t let me sign into PlayStation network. I have tried everything if anyone knows how to fix please

mudbud says:

Haven't been able to play since this update

Axell Elison says:

An error has occurred. (CE-30002-5)

Axell Elison says:

It’s don’t work!!!

maxwhd says:

Mine cant update

funkey dunkey says:

I still cant sign in

Amir Gurung says:

Mine displays "update file corrupted SU-30645-8"…I've tried intializing the entire system with usb even with the 1gb system software update file…it still doesn't work..Can you please help

Zedan Hussain says:

i get a error when i want to update can u help

LIL Gulp says:

It fucked up my ps4 this update

Loki 7120 says:

Call customer service they helped me out in no time but if your system is in safe mode like you have like 8 options I think the one you want is one of the last two it's one of those

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