Misconceptions about Flu and the Flu Vaccine

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Dr. Joe Bresee with CDC’s Influenza Division addresses common questions and misconceptions about the flu and the flu vaccine. This video is intended for general audiences as well as health care professionals. For more information related to flu and the flu vaccine, please visit the CDC Seasonal Influenza (flu) web site at http://www.cdc.gov/flu.

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Neamet says:

This guy works for the CDC and does not care about you or your children, every one should do your own research from both sides of the debate, consider your resources, for example this guy is getting paid ALLOT of money to lie to you, The Doctors and Scientist who are trying to inform you all of the dangers have absolutely nothing to gain out of telling you not to get the influenza shot, every single person telling you to get the shot is either making a profit or they are a puppet to a certain organization profiting off these Vacine's which are killing more than saving or they are tied to agenda 21. I gain nothing off telling you to do extensive research before taking these poisonous injections. Do your research and you'll decide not to get this vaccine.

Joshua Kwasny says:

this sounds ridiculous…. Im supposed to get my vaccination next week but now Im thinking it over!!!

Bob Silver says:

Autism salesman.  

The Matt says:

Do you want this in your bloodstream:

Ethylene (antifreeze)
Phenol ( disinfectant)
Formaldehyde (causes cancer)
Aluminum (causes cancer and alzheimer's
Thimerosal (can cause brain injury)
E-mycin (can cause extreme allergic reaction)

Vaccines are grown and strained through human or animal tissue ( monkey kidney, chicken embryo, guinea pig cells, calf, dissected organs of human fetuses).
Do you or your loved one's want that poison coursing though your bloodstream??

Wenceslao Futanki says:

The biggest misconception is that the flu vaccine actually is good for you.

mermaidcandy says:

I thought, if you had the flu, you had to have a fever over 101F degrees; otherwise, it is just a rhinovirus?

Einar Ólafsson says:

If you are trying to apply you message to people that belief to conspiracy theories, wearing military uniform is probably not the best way to present your message.:) If you use civilan cloths this message would be more easily searchable.

Joe Mcginnis says:

Im not a doctor, but really. If the flu shot is DEAD FLU meaning not living, then why do people get symptoms ! At $25 – $30 a pop , id want you to get my shot thats not guarenteed and will make you sick on top of it too

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