Logo Design SUBSCRIBER Critique! Ep 19

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In this video, I critique my subscribers and Discord members logos! I also showcase some of my favourite logos I’ve seen from subscribers and discord members. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Will Paterson says:

Hope you guys enjoy the video! Apologies for the lack of uploads – the reason will be revealed very soon! 🙂 Subscribe if you enjoyed the video! <3

As Dhezigner says:

fix the woosh in the first of the video xD
freat video tho

Bryan Lee Williams says:

Is the discord public? if so, what is it? Can't find it.

Batfan1939 says:

On Creative Glitch, I would have replaced the C and G with a large version of the glitched letter, and had the rest be normal.

That, or have creative be a more "fanciful" font, while glitch has that misplaced piece effect.

Drax Black says:

Still waiting you to critique my logo, the suspense is killing me haha

John Marshall says:

Nothing harder than being a designer and trying to create your own logo….

Deo Mapile says:

How can we enter your discord server???

Jordan Hull says:

On the first one I think the bottom section of the G looked a little weird almost like it needed another coffee bean in it also but that would of been overkill so glad they didn't go with that but maybe opening up the bottom half of the G so it wasn't closed in might of resolved that ? Just my $00.02 Keep em coming Will!

Timothy Solly says:

If I could hit 'subscribe' for all your posts, I would bro!

Brad Poirier says:

On the “g”, it would be neat if the swirl at the top wasn’t a handle, but instead the little crank mechanism you see on coffee grinders !

Jonathan Kirby says:

gg will you were oblivious to the silhouette of a wine glass in the negative space of the antlers. Wild Wine.

Brandon Marcum says:

Love the video and what you do! Cant wait till you get things in order and post more often.

jaacktho says:

Damn Will, back at it again with the white shirt

Miguel Enrique Veluz says:

Omg TheLegend27?!?!

nico. says:

Yeah! More logo critique videos! <3

Brie464 says:

By the title name, I thought you were taking random subscribers logos and critiquing them 😀

Gizmo Goose. says:

And, the space between the Wild Wine Antlers…is a Wine Glass.

Nikhil Kamath says:

the negative space between the antlers look like a wine glass

Caroline Clark says:

Will, the Wild Wine logo has a wine glass between the antlers. You didn’t see it?

cweb1988 says:

I'd put eyes on the deer for the wine. Also I see the wine glass in the antlers. Don't think Will caught that. But maybe there's a way to make that stick out JUST A BIT more.

Macxko macko says:

Nice . But i think that G is looking like a snake eye … so maybe it would be better to be down in the G …

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