How to Start a HUGE Software Project?

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Tackling your first big development project is daunting. The way to manage it is to divide it up into smaller chunks. The MVC programming design pattern is based on this basic principle of sub dividing larger systems.

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Serghei Tricolici says:

Those in/outtros 🙂

smonkey001 says:

You think the intro is special? Wait for the ending! LOL

Osama A. H. Al Tameemi says:

Neat perspective…You sound more like a researcher.

Zhongping SHI says:

At least reasonable words for an internet software.

Emile DesRosiers says:


Mayank Upadhyay says:

Oolala! ninja disappearing with dancing.

Annotto Krypton says:

Thanks man.

binsitt says:

Aww, great to see him healthy again.

Abderrahman DOUARA says:

Great, Great as always!
I feel like there is some kind of real science behind planning and structuring projects, software engineering? Software architecture? Can you please refer to some references to that topic, i feel like there are deep things that someone has to learn.
Thank you stef.

CoolUnknown says:

Could you do a video about how to find a market need for a SaaS product / existing products that can be improved?

Lord Sval Xeno says:

this is some really great advice. Thanks again Code Dad 😀

Also, I find it useful to be aware of ideas like a "ViewModel", a "DomainModel", and the Controller. The DomainModel is the truthful object that gets saved to the db but the ViewModel holds all the View-related crap and usually gets converted into a DomainModel

thriftynick27 says:

Hi Stef, thanks for your insight on this topic. I'm new to freelancing and trying to wrap up a demo Laravel project. I'll consider this approach when I start my next project. I did take a database class a couple of years ago. I see your point about being able to pitch the views to the client first, but wouldn't you want to do the DB design first? Doesn't it make sense to get an understanding of their business rules and figure out what entities and sort of relationships need to exist before you get into front-end? What about doing a really rough version of some of the main views, then model the ERD to better inform what other views will be required?

Mrmcwarpather says:

You made me literally laugh from this fucking intro lol.

Raja Raghav says:


KMMOS1 says:

Huge requires lots of planning; HUGE requires two or more developers. How about some info on interactive code databases developers use to keep track of each other's work and coordinate with each other?


Steff you look yuuge, how tall are you ? btw intro was great 😀

Boun Vilailath says:

Thanks for this insight. I’m still working on my legal app in Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Thymeleaf, and AWS with my former coding boot camp instructor. He’s super busy so I always have to be prepared when we have our sessions. I’m now working on the frontend but I should’ve started with the visuals at the beginning. It helps to follow the requirements and stay focused on the task to bring project to completion.

Charbel Sarkis says:

i want to perfect my node.js chat application. Problem is i know no one to help.

edgar sarmiento says:

How do i know if my project is not going anywhere?

Son Truong Ngoc says:

I am a fresher Java developer and thanks for your advices. I have a knowledge to share with all of you guys,t here was also a pattern called "Microservices Pattern" that is perfect choice for developers to build huge software projects. You can read article here:

Oussama Essamadi says:

Loving this intros so far, great video Stefan, a lot of tips to write down.

David says:

No go on the walk in and frame out intro. =/

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