How To Make Your Logo Design Look Good Always

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Hey design champions! Hope you’re all doing well and designing some awesome things! today we go over a few tips and tricks I think are important for making your logo design really good. The first tip is making sure your lines aren’t too thin. The strongest logos don’t have many lines, but if you choose to implement lines make sure the width is on the weightier side. The second tip is making sure your logo icon and your supporting text don’t fight for attention. If one is visually interesting, try not to make the other too complicated. Third, see yourself as simply a creator of icons, rather than an illustrator or a designer. This will allow you to create logo designs that are simple yet informative without creating overly complicated logos. The final tip is learning to embrace and use color. Color is part of the design itself, it conveys meaning, so remember to both consider the color you use and to include color in your final designs. Thanks so much for watching and being here you design champions. Every one of you make my life better!

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Maria Bucarano says:

This week I'm working on a branding project for kombucha tea – idk I really like kombucha and I wanted to make my own brand for it 🙂 I want to try actually printing labels, and putting them on projects to get legit photographs instead of putting them on a mockup digitally. I've never done that before so it should be interesting!!

Christopher Pack says:

Well, I just finished working on the prom tickets for my high school. It was a long process but I was able to manage. The hardest part would have to be making sure to use the right colors. I am happy to be a DESIGN CHAMPION! 😀

Sıdıkanur KESKİN says:

i'm working on children's book illustration now. i think hardest part is to decide page design, characters and colors…

Ale G says:

you always give really good tips, I wish you were been my teacher back in my uni days :' l

Louise Carol Lemmon says:

A logo design tip I learned recently is that it is best to leave colour until the very end for logos. At least when making one for a client. Color distracts clients from the design, so they might not go with the deign they like better because it is red and not blue for example. They don't always realize you can change that

Erik Peters says:

@zimri, champ!! How do you rotate the guidelines in Illustrator at the Me Mapp logo?

Kristian Ryan says:

I am working on a new internet booking engine for a regional airline, and I also need to import my psds to InVision. It's going to be a disaster haha

wasted nymph says:

could you please make a tutorial on how to work with shapes and forms and shortcuts and all that in illustrator? pretty please!

Shyam Dash says:

Its my 6th week into Illustrator. I'm working on finding a distinctive style of my own. Kinda how kit8net has his own style of using ellipses and rounded rectangles always, and Nick Slater's gradienting style is always consistent. I feel like I've been sorta copying and picking up whichever style felt nice to me so far, but with the latest one I posted on Dribbble, I really think I made a breakthrough. Also, I'm learning Animation this week. Made my first one yesterday. 🙂

Loved the video. Great work man.

annelies says:

im working on a schools project. (not just one week, but like ten..)

Ziyad Kader says:

Hi zimri , what do you think of my logo generator website ? ?

Shirley Woo says:

im working on a UI proposal & prototype assignment for school this week! gotta propose and make a prototype of an interactive touch screen kiosk! woo so ye fun stuff :>

Seba M says:

You always look gewd gojuss

k says:

what happened to Rtweek?!?!?

Connor Gregg says:

I am working on the first design logo challenge, I’ve just started it and really struggling to find ideas, the idea was a helmet and in the reflection the word space?

João Gonçalves says:

7:11 What's a PROJCET? 😛

Christian Seymour says:

This week I've been working on 13 activity worksheets for liquitex and social media content for an art content

Ethan Harris says:

Which program are you using for the animation intro?

Lo Prophet Sound says:

Missed you ese!

S N says:

Hey! 😀 thanks for welcoming my note.

I will be working on a cover pages for books for our summer camp, and I will be doing a banner and some other designs, also for the summer camp. Wish me luck!

neoqueto says:

I'm working on 2 WordPress websites after the hours. At work I have 4 videos to finish till the end of this week, one of which is an ultra-complex After Effects project that takes 1 minute to render a single frame on my PC at work… In 1/4th resolution preview. It contains many Cinema 4D renders. I think I'll ask my boss if I could work on it remotely from home. It's insanely stressful. It's so stressful that all I do is play Google Solitaire instead of working all the time.

Daesu says:

Reworking my portfolio the hard part is showing more about myself in the design of it.

veroverodbr says:

You’re adorable ☺️

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