How to become an Interior Designer?

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Do you love decorating rooms and arranging furniture? Can you think creatively to design, decorate or renovate any internal space? As a career, Interior designing may be the best choice for you. You can contact our team for any help. Start learning interior design today. Learn how to become an interior designer?

You may earn £45,000 and more as an interior designer. An interior designer designs, plans and supervises the decorations and remodeling interiors of the spaces for functional or aesthetic purposes. Interior designing includes furnishing, structural changes, lighting, coloring schemes, refurbishing and fittings.

Interior design projects can take place in variety of sites, including
• Residential areas
• Offices and business premises
• Retail locations, such as cafes, outlets, forecourts
• Leisure places such as hotels, theatres, complexes
• Domestic settings
• Public buildings, e.g. museums

What qualities are essential for an interior designer?
• Imagination and creativity to design
• Planning and Management skills
• Design and drawing abilities
• Awareness of safety and health regulations
• Knowledge of different materials
• Negotiating skills
• Flexible personality and customer service skills

You can gain experience by working as an assistant designer. Voluntary or part-time work experience is usually required in order to get full-time work. Income and rewards can be very high depending on your experience and good reputation in this field. You can either start own business in interior design or can work with other interior designers as an assistant.

What your job would include?
• Preparing designs according to customer preferences and
building situations
• Making drawings and diagrams
• Finalising detailed designs for implementing at location
• Comparing and costing materials
• Working out best color combinations
• Making changes according to customer’s needs
• Budget calculation and management
• Analysing modern trends and following them

Brentwood open learning college offers convenient and flexible online education to students around the world. There are no prior requirements and fixed timings. Brentwood open learning college delivers high quality education according to needs and requirements of the contemporary world.

Certificate in interior design (Level 3) is designed to deliver the inclusive interior design knowledge to students. With an understanding of internal and external spaces students also learn about the historical origins of interior designing. Certificate in interior design (Level 3) comprises five units: An Introduction to the Interior Design Profession, Design Elements, The Principles of Design, Room Elements, Working on Projects. Content of the course is arranged in a manner to develop crucial interior design skills in students.

Diploma in interior design (Level 4) contains invaluable knowledge and material to help students become professional in interior design. Concepts and industry insights with the theoretical approach are discussed in the diploma in interior design level 4. This course in delivered through nine intensive units: An Introduction to Interior Design, Interior Design Decorating Principles, Design Elements, Room Elements, Room By Room Designing, The Client – Designer Relationship, Planning Essentials, Stages of a Project, Starting up an Interior Design Business. Different stages and essential elements of interior design are intensively discussed in this course. Our courses are designed to provide modern knowledge and skills to students to start their career in interior design or they can advance their skills through our courses.

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rj pruthvi says:

i did my architecture diploma now i like to go to interior bsc can i go for. is there course is eligible for it .i need to know plz reply

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I want to become an interior desginer. Im 12 and im going to college in 3 years. But there are no interior desgine colleges or universties in ireland

akhil pinupolu says:

Interior design is usually related to art of decoration and designing many things. The main purpose of interior designing is giving a charm and attention to your building or home. Interior designing can be done by keeping several things in mind. This process of interior designing has some steps it include research of the area or interior space of the building.

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plz inform me about scope and best places or collages and how much time it wil take etc

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Any entrance exam

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I'm not good in drawing but I want to be an interior designer …isn't that possible ??

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hello sir, how to use m. SC interior design course in civil engineer pls reply

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if you are afraid to show yourself or to let people hear your voice , then just get back to your mother basement , and let real people with balls do the job .

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U have made a very nice video for our knowledge but plz Tell us also that what subject we should Take for doing interior designing

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okkk, thx for encouraging… a but 2 question. i want to know that what degrees are important to fulfil my dream and what is the income per project and annual income( experienced and excellent)

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which course to take after 10 th ssc commerce or science or arts

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best institute in kolkata in this field?

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how to become a interior designer
Which type of course after 12th for this steam ?

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