Roseanne Barr – Kannabis Kitchen W/ Roseanne: Behind The Scenes

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Roseanne grills her son Buck over an accidental text. –


Lester Hubcap says:

: I love them both. This is so cute …

Lester Hubcap says:

: This is the best ever. Buck seems really nice and I just adore Roseanne …

Linda Gore says:

Trashy mouth woman . No self respect .

Larry Hunt says:

⚖️ ☮️ ⚖️

Callie Nice says:

How old is he four? Ffs

Sonny Skye says:

I love when Roseanne swears! I wish they swore on the show!

Gayle At Pine Lane says:

You stole my idea b****! Cannabis kitchen was my idea!! LOL..

David Morris says:

He's a handsome Devil, Roseanne. I can see why you got so greedy.

Bella Vita says:

He's right, but cut the cussing Rosanne. ugh

Bella Vita says:

Give him a break, geeze.

Stu Mack says:

I would so fuck Buck.

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