Congressman Tim Ryan Criticizes President Donald Trump’s ‘China First’ Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, reacts to the president’s decision to help save Chinese phone company ZTE, which he calls Trump’s ‘China First’ agenda.
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Congressman Tim Ryan Criticizes President Donald Trump’s ‘China First’ Agenda | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Bailey Briar says:

Why were they bickering right at the start? I couldn't tell if it was a joke or genuinely awkward.

Richie Rich says:

For those whose eyes are opened.
The corporate soulless 1% traitorous pigs have dumb down the public
so much that all they are now concerned with is, Reality TV & Reality Politics!
Hey Gentiles, the garbage of man has taken over; it is their time. The greedy, filthy, soulless 1% pigs are part of the corporate scum that have stolen our country. Remember the words… Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor! Goats, don't you know who you are? You chose drumpf the orange orangutan. POS drumpf was given the keys to the bottomless pit and with them was allowed to drain the swamp. Which allowed the filth of man to climb up out of it, called citizens united. As your democracy is now dead, bow down to your Lords and Masters the 1%, citizens united.

edgar pierre says:

Trump is a traitor.
Selling out USA

Nel Turner says:

How much golf do they play in Indonesia? smfh

Obsideon 13 says:

Perhaps if the FED provides a TARP like funding for the Trump Organization perhaps we can get some economic policy for the middle class,

Obsideon 13 says:

And no tRump or Republican jobs bill for American workers.

Andrea Johns says:

How can Congress allow this? Congress approved sanctions. Trump has too much power. He has to be stopped. He clearly ONLY represents himself and his income. He’s trying to get as rich as Putin. Putin did it by being a mobster and thug. That’s where Trump is headed because Republican Congress has lost ALL loyalty to the U.S. and does nothing in the way of oversight.

happy cats says:

Bunch of idiots

Denita Wright says:

Why is the government still letting skunk get away with this stuff. You talk and talk an do nothing. He is using the wh to build his business. Anybody else did this they would be in jail. Again, AMERICA HAS NEVER BEEN GREAT. So you can't make it great again. Skunk and his cronies are getting rich.

Stu Goodell says:

Democrats are just too much.Everybody else does wrong but them.Ask morning Joe what happened to his female intern in Florida,MSNBC the mouthpiece of the lunatic liberals.Stop sending me videos MSNBC,to up your poor ratings on tv.The Democratic Party the original racist organization,all liberals should look up the history of their so called progressive party.

St Ot says:

Apparently saving ZTE jobs means saving Qualcomm jobs?? But "China is still raping us"? Logic escapes this orangutan's head.



lindy919 says:

8:38 – the sound of someone lighting a doobie

Pat Doyle says:

One thing the Steele dossier said was that the Trump team initially welcomed the Russia probe because it would take focus off dirty business dealing elsewhere.

lindy919 says:

We're just one patriot away from bringing back sanity

A Warrior of Christ says:

What about job loss in America!

Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

Trump has sold out the Country and he and his kids have been befitting from day one. He is above the Law and he knows it. One of these Days mark my words America will know how much Damage this man has done to America. I'm afraid America will Collapse and our Children will have No future, while Trump and his kids and Grand kids will be profiting for decades off his Presidency! China has control Over North Korea , China was given No credit for the negotiations they did between North Korea and South Korea, We Owe Billions to China, China is playing chess , they have North Korea as their pawn and Out of Control Debt from United States of America. Trump handling these countries as he did his Mafia , Corrupt style Business. China and other Countries "Not backing down, and they are not bowing to Trump and Trump really does Not care about Americans, in his thinking" People are to be used and are disposable!"

Matt P says:

I Like the bickering between the two

Bruce B says:

Who's jobs did we take in the late 1800's? I never read about that part in Social Studies.

Gau says:

MSNBC is worst than CNN

Cadmus says:

#MCGA Don't you love the China first agenda?

Stndsure says:

Kleptocracy in the USA! Thay will keep doing it, and it will get worse until we take to the streets and take to the ballot box. Is not obvious class warfare only because the class we are at war with is only 1% of the population.

Duke Cobb says:

Mika is the most annoying person on MSNBC without a doubt, they should just give her a segment and be done

Vlodec says:

Lol, Trump has shares in ZTE. ROFL.

Mary Rodger says:

Helping China with where have the trumpettes disappeared to?

cathy zhang says:

Yes, America needs to look for new industries.

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