5 Awesome Gadgets 2018 | You Must Have in 2018

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5 Awesome Gadgets 2018 | You Must Have in 2018


0:01 Welle – http://getwelle.com/
2:42 QIUB – https://igg.me/at/myqiub/x
3:58 THE POWER PACKER – http://www.sidebysidegear.com/
5:14 Drums Everywhere – http://www.drumsanywhere.com/
8:17 Dubleup – https://www.dubleup.com/
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Michael says:

i like the first two then it started to get pointless

B and B Productions says:

In the quib bit, why would you need a power bank when you have a perfectly good laptop with charge and USB ports??

G1zmoG33K says:

I want to make shit music too!

Ryan says:

3:01 He tries using a power bank when a laptop is right fucking next to him

Jeremy Gullatt says:

It was either some "revolutionary new power bank" or just garbage. Even that side bag thing was kind of dumb, just carry less shit, problem solved.

Nicole Abigail T. Go says:

nice and cool gadgets

sharon robilotto says:

I'm still waiting for a drone vibrator would be very useful at the beach

Ultimate Tech says:

that phone was nearer than wella.
Weird how she answers the call

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