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Watch singing transformer Jay Wynn on Britain’s Got Talent as he sings a cover ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone. What did you think of his auditions?? Let us know in the comments below…

Song: Feeling Good by Nina Simone!

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Colorful Alhasan says:

Theres No Any Type Of That Transformers Robot

Random Videos says:

Is This Audition Or Live Show?

venessa p says:

is this auditions?

Ryan Morgan says:

Well thaf was just all out of place. So much effort and money spent for something so stupid.

Ashlee LAUGHLIN says:

I would be scared

Johanna Langner says:

Who has had that stupid idea to sing in front of a microphone with a muffling mask on face? The voice wasn't that bad, but the sound just awful.

SallyG May says:

The only question I have is WHY

Sade Storm says:

I don't know why they got buzzed twice. I liked that

Flookiso0 0o says:

for whatt ?

little Angel says:

His voice is so clear but full of smoke too. I like it realy verry verry much

Anonymous Bacon says:


Tyler Mentzer says:

This is why I hate women

Gamingwith Sarah says:

It looks fake

SquishyJiminXO3 says:


Seabee Veterans Bradcen says:

humm AI takes over Got Talent yaa thay all suld have buzzed lol
pore stage presantation

Flip Flop Synonamous says:

Optimus Pipes

I'm Gay says:

Who likes this performance

Urzu7 says:

Optimus Jackson

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