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Interior Design, Top 10 Design Tips, Apartment makeover. Watch the full REVEAL Video:
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Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson shows you her Top 10 Interior Design renovation ideas in this 2,000 sq. ft. condo.
Located in the heart of downtown Denver Colorado. Rebecca walks you through the project and reveals her creative solutions to some of the architectural challenges she faced in this project. How to create a WOW first impression, Bathroom and Kitchen tile and stone issues, cohesive and stylistic interior doors and stone, wood and brick wall applications. Take a deeper dive into this amazing renovation!

Trades responsible for the transformation:
Interior Design Firm: Robeson Design (San Diego)
General Contractor: Earthwood Remodeling & Construction
Cabinetry: EKD – Exquisite Kitchen Design
Electrician: Elkhorn Electric
Smart Home technology: Xssentials
Closet Company: The Closet Factory
Lighting Supplier: BlackWhale Lighting

Directed and Produced by Robeson Design Inc.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound


wwaxwork says:

Good to know about the smooth marble, staining was my first thought on seeing the backsplash in the other video, great to know you think of everything.

Misty Waters says:

Omg this looks so incredible

Laura Pierce says:

I love all of your designs because your amazing

Asma Usman says:

Great ideas. Love them

Judith Saenz says:

Wow… just gorgeous love the natural elements with the deep colors throughout open space that feels sumptuous with beautiful lights that remind me of fireflies

Miss Lilice says:

She's the best

mezzopiano1017 says:

Only thing I can say is admire

Tania Reza says:

You are such a genius omg I would work for you for free just to scrub off some of that imagination. I suscribed!

J S says:

I would like to see more your design for “small”condos less than 1000 square feet .

Katarzyna Pabianek says:

All nice but so cluttered..

Michael Soetrisno says:

Great taste, you are really talented

darkasyoursoul says:

Aaaaamaaaaaazing!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

BEE REAL says:

It must be fabulous to have clients that just give you huge budgets and let you create your magic, Your an amazing Designer!When I win the lotto I'm having you do my whole house you know the one I buy with my winnings! Watch you'll be hearing from me soon! I'm positive!

BeautyPaintBox says:

You are amazing. I wish I could afford to hire you.

Teresa Phillips says:

You have such great taste

50 Top Home Design says:

very interesting solutions you've gave.. nice

Ruth S says:

That condo is fabulous.

Jammy joe says:

Skip 1:00 where it begins…

Moshe Namai says:

this is the most stunning industrial design I have ever seen

Cecilia Alvarez Calderon says:

I´ve seen many many of your fantastic videos, learned from your tips and I think you are great !

Sandy Muzinich Realtor says:

Love everything you did way to hard to pick a favorite ! The entry that was brilliant I am with you on symmetry ! Your work is always amazing. Thank for sharing the details.

Pao Pao says:

Hats off to you for creating such stunning central focal point entrance. You have a new subscriber.

Lucua Castries says:

Good morning Mrs Robeson i live in the Caribbean i found u late after i finished construction of my home i use some of your ideas as i go forward you are truly the best ma'am God bless

Navin Bhangale says:

Loved the work and the way you broke down each element and explained its impacts. You've got me hooked.

Andrea says:


since that room without windows HAS NO WINDOWS, you should've stick to white and bright theme. there's no natural light coming in and you made it darker. why would you do that. and the wall arts are like the sims art. this is just my opinion. thanks.

Mariya Dimitrova says:

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