This Economy Is Cooked – Economic Collapse News

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Economic collapse news. The debt problems we face are mounting up. One of the Worlds largest Silver mines shuts down. Inflation pressure are set to derail the indebted retail sector. New mortgage plans from fanny and freddy look to put people in a home with 3% down and no income. They are desperate It’s time to act like it.


WarriorPriest says:

Everybody is driving Uber. They can Drive when they want to, leave when I want to, eat when they want to, go home when they want to. The perfect job.

Hawktangofive says:

Hey Bro, Are you related to the Health Ranger? The both of you sound alike? Take care. Hawk out!

Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

Trump has become a terrible Liability with to much baggage! He will crash the Economy or the Republican that finishes 8 yrs! It's a fact for the last 50 years, by the time the Republican President finishes 8 years they leave us in a Recession! Fact! This time we may Crash! Rich get Richer Poor gets Poorer! Wake Up see the Pattern!

Philip Quinn says:

always great info., God bless

bilrogar says:

But Idiots would have you believe that Bit"Con" is where its at.

ARK842001 says:

The Fed is being set up by POTUS. He's gonna tell them to take a hike soon. Time will tell if I'm right.

Harbinger Hollow says:

Bro you’re speaking the truth 4 years ago in the town i live in reading, ma you could barely find a shack for sale but now they’re popping up all over the place!!! Open houses everywhere barely attended

Vampiroscor says:

Yep the cooked economy is blamed for my financial ruin, divorce, & my suicide attempt. You can say I made bad choices but if the economy is fixed to screw people over how do you expect people to react? Yet no one got punished instead bail outs were given now cars are over priced no jobs to help recover losses & we are spending less while feeling the burden of all those tax bail outs to corporations.

Chris Campbell says:

Billionaires and their politicians are impoverishing us one day at a time. Nobody's fighting back either.

Simon Macarthur says:

you Americans don't know gas/petrol prices. You are lucky, believe it or not! The UK car driver pays 1.20 pounds a litre ($1.60 US)
roughly $6 gallon and its been high for decades!

Randy Best says:

The MSM will never talk about these issues.

Chadwicked B says:

$22.2 trillion, now!

aaron shefte says:

You’re a good man!

Life Mans says:

Hi guys did you know that child labor is massively overpaid please share your thoughts on economy on Life Mans channel and subscribe.

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Americans are blind obedient TV worshipping fools…

Djehuti Ausar Ra says:

I can’t believe the Trump cults really believed he cared about the poor… fucking idiots.

Banana Bandana says:

I needed in head this
I keep being tempted to buy a new car and I know I don't need to

Iguana Pete says:

I bought 6 one oz silver rounds 25 years ago. No increase in value.

The Off-Grid Guru says:

Go solar people. It's a bright idea when the lights go off.

sled says:

Auto's and trucks are way over priced anymore, most average car now cost 25,000 and trucks 35,000 and higher who can afford that?? most can not. Food keeps slowly raising and most packaging has gotten smaller.

M. L. says:

325 million other human beings want to go to bed and eat tonight… I’m only one of those… so that means 324,999,999 humans are in competition with me for a paycheck. This is only in america… fuck all of you

09111973 {}{} says:

news flash…the economys been fake for a long time backed up by nukes and the military industrial complex. without war america is screwed.

ice9 says:

Good report. I listened, shaking my head in agreement the whole way through, as I clipped shopping coupons 🙂 Too bad the $19 trillion or however much more it was from the last bailout went to the too big to fail or jail central bankers worldwide rather than help we the people the govt. stole it from. Now the crooks have had another 9 years to fatten up even more before the system crashes much harder. People will struggle and starve & most will not know how or why it happened. Iceland figured it out during the last crash. They marched on parliament, refused the bogus debt & jailed the bankers – but they were a small, homogeneous, educated population. God help us all this next time.

Nicholaus Straach says:

Expect War!

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