How the US Military Could Colonize Mars

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Let’s revisit our most popular topic to date! How long would it take us to build a permanent colony on Mars with the current US military budget?

How the US Military Could Colonize Mars – Second Thought

Check out Cheddar’s video on what part of space NASA should explore next:


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Red King says:

Venus vs Mars

the puzzler says:

They couldn't go to the moon back then and they still can't today.

SmokelessShady says:

What would it take to travel to Alpha Centauri

Young Nigga says:

Militarizing space is one of the worst things we could do to ourselves. Next thing you know the U.S is gonna be telling you that extremist extraterrestrials are going to kill us and its going to cost 2 trillion dollars a year to fight them.

Plastic Bacteria says:

We tell them there's oil on Mars.

Wicked Voxel says:

Ooookay… Here's the thing: Industrialize Luna. Probably costs 50-100bn USD. Use a mass driver and nets to capture stuff being sent from Luna.

Repeat the process on Near-Earth Asteroids. Start getting the whole value chain down, all the while ensuring you are increasing industrial capabilities in space.

Steel and aluminium production would quickly start to make Terran numbers seem like pocket change.

Uriah Siner says:

I can’t wait to sign up with the Space Corps to fight the Nazis that escaped to the moon!

Loui Coleman says:

BFR flights will cost around $6billion, so it will possibly be less that the estimate in the video.

Mr. Science says:

Great Video !
But i dont really get why everybody wants to live on Mars. In my opinion, Venus is a better place because of the 90% Earth Gravity compaired to the 38% Mars Gravity. But i guess, building Flying Cities on Venus would even coast less then on Mars because we could build normal Buildings there without any sealing since we would live in a flying doom

Es ist seltsam, oder? says:

free mars of the US aggression !!!! joking

LDBlokland says:

What if Russia does it first? Since it's the RED planet…

The cosmic comic turtle says:

How has'nt this channel got a million subs?

The cosmic comic turtle says:

Hearing how much the u.s spends on killing (opps i mean "defending") people makes me sick

Lemon says:

200 000$ is pretty good. I mean my parents bought our house for little over 200 000€ and what you are essientially doing on Mars would be buying a house too

PFHH 30 says:

They just spent a little more for their education system

Fractalite says:

Song: To The Great Beyond – Stellardrone

Not Applicable says:

If you actually wanted to construct 1000 bfr yes that would take a while however the infastructure would likely be possible to be done in a couple of decades.

Brent Anderson says:

To b honest America’s fuckn this world so much I would hate to c the us government get there hands on another. The best thing that could happen is if the US ceased to be. Not the normal American people but the rich world rapist that run that country.

Not Applicable says:

it was a lovely block 5 landing

Vasil Zahariev says:

Or, we could just bomb each other into submission, way more fun and it is so much more worth.

Erwin Rommel says:

You know the US spendmore money on the shitty healthcare than the military right and that US allies are basically piggybacking on the US military for their defense?

Whiteness Protection Program says:

Or we could just stop funding negros to outpopulate us.

Ola Sten Baksaas says:

Excuse me, the cost of the BFR is an estimated $7 million per launch due to its full reusability not $185 million. Your calculations are completey based on the wrong figure!

jason carney says:

Hey liberal, this here is merica, and if you don't like it, you can get out.

Lego6lego says:

THANK GOD ELON MUSK EXISTS! housing prices are so expensive, the cheapest one is £300,000 ish!

WT Videoclip says:

Forget Mars
Titan have the largest 'oil' reserve in the Solar system. Titan need more freedom and democracy

EspHack says:

we just need china to install missiles on the moon and claim it theirs "since ancient times"

us marines will be marching on mars by the end of the week

AwesomeMcAwesomeguy says:

M8 at 1:08 you should have shown pakistan its the 6th largest…

Lenard Segnitz says:

Wow, so much uncritical about SpaceX's stated future features of the BFR.

100 people to Mars in each Interplanetary Transport. The most starry-eyed description of the volume inside is a little less than the ISS. Stuffing 100 people into that kind of volume is packing them in like sardines. For a short trip to LEO, OK. But a minimum 8 month transit to Mars? NO Just try to stay sane in a space slightly bigger than a broom closet for just a single week and get back to me.

$200,000 per seat to Mars? NASA currently pays Russia $80 million PER SEAT to the ISS in LEO. I'll grant that Russia is gouging NASA right now. But even SpaceX will "only" manage to bring the price down to $9 million per seat… if they bother to man-rate their Block 5 Falcon 9. That's a spectacular savings! But they'd need to bring down the cost three more orders of magnitude to hope to make Mars cost only $200,000 per seat.

Airlines used to charge $thousands per seat to Europe from North America. Now it's down to low $hundreds. Three more orders of magnitude is a plane ticket to Europe for under a dollar. You're more likely to get to Europe by getting high from snorting the jet fuel fumes.

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