What is Calculus? (Mathematics)

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What is calculus? In this video, we give you a quick overview of calculus and introduce the limit, derivative and integral.

We begin with the question “Who invented Calculus?” Next, we talk about the two main tools you’ll study: derivatives and integrals. To understand both of these you’ll first learn about limits. After you learn how to compute the derivative and integral for basic functions and apply them to real-world problems, you’ll move up to higher dimensions and study things like “partial derivatives” and “multiple integrals.”

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Written and Produced by Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison received his BS in math from Caltech, and his MS from the University of Washington where he studied algebraic number theory. After teaching math for a few years, Michael worked in finance both as a developer and a quantitative analyst (quant). He then worked at Google for over 5 years before leaving to found Socratica.

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Jonny quest says:

Wish I watched this while still in high-school but I will learn maybe I will be of help. Kudos

Jonny quest says:

Wish I watched this while still in high-school but I will learn maybe I will be of help. Kudos

Venkatesh babu says:

The force of push and pull of matter.

melodie gauthier says:

Very very good video!

Saurin S says:

very good explanation. thanks..

Safa Ashraf says:

This is really awesome..!!

Doug R. says:

Actually, Archimedes used a summation technique to find the volume and area of the sphere, cylinder and cone, anticipating the same developments in calculus by 2000 years. His Codex A and C manuscripts were lost, and his Codex B was almost erased and written over by monks. Codex B was re-discovered in 1906 in Istanbul (in the Hagia Sophia Library)and portions were analyzed, translated and published. Archimedes proofs use the same techniques for integration taught today.

Jake Hallam says:

Those graphs pleased me massively. I can't say why, I can only say that they do.

Arbaaz mir says:

Thanks! it gave me a good insight of calculus.

mike johnson says:

Some people are just good at math period & other people suck at it I'm not sure if it's because of the brain not getting it or they simply find it boring,  people are not created equal who ever said that is the biggest ass.

Sanjay Shinde says:

Excellent. Thank you very much.

Sania Maroof says:

whats a function and what do those lines mean in the graph?

Witch Returns says:

I understood nothing…

Raimo Kohonen says:

Too easy xd

Pain Peace says:

I need to re study about calculus..

νεκρός says:

I didn’t know Alberto from wwe is math legend.

Vivek Ramanaidoo says:

Im just a gcse student and he made me understad calculus thats mad

Justin Epperly says:

Excellent intro.

Khagendra Kumar says:

Please make more videos

Khagendra Kumar says:

Awesome thanks

Hamid safi says:

charming…and i have easily understand

Sera K says:

Your lectures are so easy to understand. Please post more videos for calculus and vectors.

husam botros says:

Actually a new analysis of a set of ancient clay tablets has revealed that ancient astronomers of Babylonia used advanced geometrical methods to calculate the position of Jupiter ie calculus – a conceptual leap that was previously thought to have occurred in 14 th century Europe. Ha ha ha …u need to update your information m8..

Sickage [GD] says:

Before: Didn’t even know what Calculus was.

After: Full book of Calculus.

That’s me when I watched this video…

smit shah says:

how does he finds the slope

mark fullilove says:

I wish you were my calculus teacher.

Sandra Hawkins says:

Calculus looks really interesting!

Einar Ekeberg says:

This is an absolutely fantastic video. Thank you so much

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