NASA’s New Discovery – The Largest Black Hole In History – Documentary Channel

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Largest Black Hole In History – Beyond Space and Science – Documentary Channel

A black hole is a mathematically specified region of spacetime showing such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electro-magnetic radiation could escape from it. The theory of general relativity anticipates that a completely small mass could flaw spacetime to form a black gap. In lots of methods a black opening acts like an optimal black body, as it shows no light.

The very first modern remedy of general relativity that would identify a black hole was found by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916, although its analysis as a region of area from which absolutely nothing could escape was first published by David Finkelstein in 1958. Long thought about a mathematical interest, it was during the 1960s that academic job revealed black openings were an universal forecast of general relativity.










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tsatele21 says:

If we all focus on how to build a livable spot on the moon and build it. Mankind will take another giant step into traveling into space. And we can slowly travel from planet to planerlt over time

Acaccrafts Crafts says:

I'm in a black hole. Some twisted shit.

Billy Collins says:

this is a good video to bad they don't put new one's on this one is five years old.

AoyLon Ninja says:

Does anyone but me thing seeing the black hole come up from under us scary?⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️

Brian Richards says:

i looovvveee spcae

Brian Richards says:

yup i love it

Max Tan says:

Guess you guys still don't know what is a black hole. The black hole contain gases. It spine so fast that you can't see it. Is there. You just can see with your eyes or camera or whatever.
To explain in a way for you scientist to understand is a burning wood. Hard solid matter turn to gases.

So what is dark matter ? Dark matter is the density of gases that you cannot see with your eyes. Solid matter that is more dense than you can see of a solid matter.

Black hole is empty ? No. it is more dense than a solid matter. Ok….. try this. Try to view the other side of the black hole. You will not be able to see. And the reason is it is big black solid matter and therefore you cannot view the other side of the black hole. Not because it absorb lights and therefore you cannot see the other side of the black hole.

Black hole is not empty. Remember this. Another way to let you visualize what is black hole or black matter. Is like a solid crystal ball that have no reflection and because it spin so fast in a compact small center area. It spin faster than the speed of light.

With that kind of speed. You see black circle instead of brightness.

Max Tan says:

What you received are all about lights. Since space is so big. There could be already nothing out there.


Are black holes hot at there centers?

Oliver Claikens says:

If We Live In A Black Hole We Probably Live In A Different Universe With Different Laws Of Physics Because Black Holes Can Bend Time And Space So Maybe
Gravity And Time (For Example)
Outside The Black Hole That We Live In Are Shown As A Physical Dimension So The Creatures Outside Can Control Time And Gravity And Then If They Want To They Can Make The Black Hole Dissapear.

Alisha Roxanne says:

Black holes are scary but amazing

Made In Nepal 2018 says:

Stephen Hawkins says that black hole is not a hole.

spooky1000 says:

Everything will endup in a black hole, black holes will cluster up together forming an object holding all matter in the universe, this object will then compress to plank depth, and explode creating another big bang, rinse and repeat.

Calmthought 0547 says:

Actually a black hole is completely invisible considering that no light can bounce off of it

Jovan Malik says:

You'll be scared if u watch these dumbass videos plus u ain't no scientist

Xxii_AnimeZebra_iixX says:

I came here from the odd ones out XD


let me die through black hole…. i want to see inside of it….

Hosen Molla says:


tadeej hines says:

I like to watch scientific video and watching it is fun

swapna reddy says:

I love science

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