2018 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Would the Chinese Grand Prix manage to live up to a thriller last time out in Bahrain? Yup!

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Sparrow Inthevoid says:

funny how the haas failures benefitted ferrari in australia and the toro rossoes crash and both red bulls come in straight away for softs

Kid Pleasurable Vlogs says:

Alonso and Massa keeps on pushing other drivers off the track when they overtake and they both ignore blue flags like what cost vettel last year in russia

Rey Navarra says:

ferrari tried to help vettel,got karma instead lol,thank you max

Putera Usman says:

Hard to get around those fat G string…

Buzzing Hornet says:

Bernie is the one that gives the top 4 teams the most money even more if the team is involved with f1 the most number of years or signed his contract first. That's why Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, Williams can do well and are competitive and survive because they get plaid these crap bonuses. Even if these team have a bad year they can recover. They will threaten to leave if rules are not to their liking. For eg when pirelli enter f1 with their tires most of the top teams suffered tire failures because they were not maintaining the tire pressure set by the tire company. They wanted the tires to work to their car setup rather than the car being built around the tire setting. Only one team got the setup right and was able to avoid these failures and still run competitive lap times, force India. The top teams knew that if they reduced or followed pirelli setting their position would suffer and they would be behind so they pressured Bernie n FIA to change the rules during the mid season itself. This wouldn't have happened if a midfield or back marker team experience such problems.
If the new f1 owners want f1 races to be more competitive get rid of these favouritism bonuses and let Ferrari f*off if they don't want to be a part of this sport. They are only here to collect their big bonus to waste on their failed upgrades. The sport will be better off with car manufacturers as engine suppliers only and many engine suppliers will enter the sport if this stupid idea of ecclestone is put to rest for good.

Simon Ngai says:

always red bull when it comes to crash

Jeffry Syam says:

Whiner Gasly. Just kick this crying baby out.

Aligned-Planets says:

What’s wrong with fucking racing drivers, bloody overrated liabilities. Vettel is fighting hard in the start of the race to block Kimi but why? They are in the same team, if it was a different team I would understand but these illiterates are fucking confusing.. it’s about the constructors more than the fucking drivers championship.

Adrian Cheong says:

Wtf verstappen

liquidation133 says:

damm cry-baby Vettel !!

Ricki Sanguinetti says:

What an incompetence driver,this Max!

Kira Lee says:

Great race, but lets admit it, these commentators are the best you can get – perhaps the best there ever will be

P. Mid says:

I liked seeing how good a sport Max is; right at the very end of the video how happy he was for Riccardo is very telling.

Наталья Гасанова says:


Dan Thomas says:

The more I think about it the more I think Daniel Ricciardo is the actual successor of Michael Schumacher.

Michael Sutton says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

Cherry Lips says:

Alonso being a dickhead when fighting against a Ferrari. Same as last year in Baku when Vettel and Hammilton lapped him while fighting each other. Alonso didn't gave room to Sebastian to pass and then making it easy for Hamilton to do the same. Veestappen? Acting like a brat, as usual.

Jim Pikoulis says:

And you know what he hasn't made it

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