My Chemo Journey | Triple Positive Breast Cancer | Carboplatin/Taxotere/Perjeta/Herceptin

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Hello Everyone! First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you for all of your encouragement to keep these videos coming. I have been loving your messages telling me that my story is helping you. Hearing that is making all of this work on this videos worth it.

As promised, here is the second part of my journey – Shaving My Head:

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Lindsey Hoglund says:

I was diagnosed with the same type cancer. I am on the same treatment plan as you are. I find you incredibly encouraging. I am halfway done with chemo as of this coming Thursday, 2/1/18! Thanks for your videos!

EastPAWZ says:

Hope everything is going well with you I also have Cancer. Did some chemo for months and now I am going to radiation … I have a long road ahead of me. I have Pancreatic Cancer and I had an uncle who was still young who died from the same thing.
Thanks for making a channel for many families who would appreciate all your videos.

River says:

I was dx with Triple positive BC .. stage 2a… my tumor was 1.7 cm and I have one lymph node involved..
I'm on the same treatment plan … your right not everyone effected the same way …
Nausea has been a big thing with me too and I had to go in 2x a week to fluids… and like you I'm ok for the first few days then 4th day after chemo I'm sick..
But where we differ is my diarrhea has been controlled … I have the opposite problem.. constipation …
I'm fixing to have round 5 next week .. and I still have some hair .. a little bit .. yeah..
Now my taste buds are messed up and some days its Boost and water .. maybe some fruit… but like today I can actually TASTE! Yeah!
Every time I have chemo they put a Neulasta injector on me that will go off the next day… The Neulasta helps makes the wbc that helps fight infection… I'm not sure why they didn't do that for you ? My wbc has been low to middle of where you should be so the Neulasta has helped a lot..
Now my RBC has got down to just right below normal but with my last blood test last week it had started to go back up…

I'm going to do a lumpectomy …. I was told that one was not better than the other.. and that I had about 3 percent chance of having cancer in my right breast… with taking the Herceptin and the AI for 10 years afterwards .. My onco MD stated that if the cancer did come back in my breast that it would come back in the "tissue" that was left… and if I had a mastectomy it might come back in the chest wall..
So unless other wise I'm going with the lumpectomy …

I'm not going to have radiation until after surgery also .. Like you I've got to wait 4 weeks after my last chemo ( Sept 28th!!!) before having surgery .. then the Herceptin until next June ( having heart testing every 3 months) , then hormone suppression meds for 10 years.. I think they are going to start me off with Femara (sp?) .. Now I'm post menopausal so treatment and timing for me may be different for you..

I've already said if the cancer comes back I'm not doing chemo again.. they just do radiation and surgery … if it does come back maybe they will have found new treatments for us..
I know that using Herceptin for early stage bc has been a game changer for woman like us .. we now have the same survival rate as those that don't have the HERs 2 …
Miracles every day !
Keep up the good work.. love your video!

Hugs from TN

jeanne buckels says:

You are a beauty inside and out. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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