Method 2 Is A Hulking Robot Straight Out Of Science Fiction (HBO)

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VICE founder Suroosh Alvi recently traveled to Gunpo, South Korea, to try out the Method 2 prototype, a hulking manned robot made by Hankook Mirae Technology. Weighing in at over one and a half tons, and standing 13 feet tall, the Method 2 looks like something out of science fiction.

Specifically, this exoskeleton robot looks like something you’ve seen in a movie, and that’s by design: Hankook Mirae Chairman Yang Jin-Ho and his team collaborated with a Hollywood designer to make the Method-2.

Jin-Ho spent $200 million of his own money on the project, and claims his creation is the world’s first manned bipedal robot.

The robot is designed to mimic hand and arm movements, and is suspended by two metal cabals in the ceiling to keep it balanced.

So far the Method-2 is only used for fun, but its creator envisions it will play a critical role in future crises.

“It’s more likely it’ll be used in fires and disaster relief situations,” Jin-Ho said. “But also find application in military operations.”

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VICE News says:

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi tried on a robotic mech suit that could one day be used for disaster relief.
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Diego Scott Barton says:

Wing zero XD

EmperorDoge123 Alt says:

This seems less like GUNDAM and crappy anime mechs like that and more like battletech mechs

Josiah Phillips says:

It wobbles a bit to the side too much.

Gundam Serpent says:

Make it have four legs and walking/balance maybe a lot easier…

Miika Mäentaus says:

It looks cool but it can’t be used for anything but show in real life. yet..

Phantom Eye Luis says:

How much is the robot?

HarlekinGER says:

I study IT and had a class about cognitive systems and legged
automotion. What I can tell you is, that reality is still far behind
imagination and most news about these systems are blown up. Yes, robot
technology is very advanced, but when it comes to cognitive systems in
an open environment, we are far away from building a system comparable
to an insect. Available hardware just does not have the power,
efficiency or characteristics to be able to match a brain. Transistors
are so small, they eventually can't be downsized any more because they
would have to be smaller than atoms. And still a morphological computer
that could reach the number of neurons of a bee needs a storage center
and industrial power supply. And that is only the hardware… Legged
automotion is the next problem. The chains are not just for safety. This
robot could never walk in a real environment without falling over.
Also, there is no power storage on the robot. It has to be operated with
a power chord. Current battery technology also struggles to advanced.
Atlas, one of the most advanced two legged robots can only be operated
for one hour, and it is ultra light and has a backpack-sized battery.

HongRocks music홍락스뮤직 says:

이야 짱이다!

klein manbok says:

국뽕에 취한다

Sha Sha says:

Dumb untested A.I. not suitable for this dangerous robot.

Atlantean says:

But can it store transgender piss and transport it for a year?

swss4rmy says:

maybe the A.I is supposed to handle Gyro/Balancing issues of something that huge and for other enviroment data and leave the decisions making to the pilot itself.

Debra D says:

How about we gather all the plastic and metal sitting in landfills and our oceans and use that to construct a fleet of these bad-boys for military purposes? eh?

Chad Bédard says:

Neon Genesis Evangelion

TheGameMakeGuy says:

It cant do anything it cant balance it cant really walk it cant puck stuff up its basically a gloryfied monstertruck

DragonBat362 says:

One step closer to actual AMP suits!

rothauspils123 says:

Why do these guys always act like these robots will be primarily used for fire fighting and shit? This is 100% for military, any non military robots will come long after…

Joshua Rizo-Patron says:

Vice… guys come on, you dont see whats going on do you? That robot cant do anything… that has no balance capabilities, also when it moves his arma need to be restrained by a crane so it doesn’t fall… this robot needs about 20 years before is close to go to a relief situation with out falling

William Sitnin says:

Metal Gear?? It can't be!

Gregory Burgundy says:

it needs a hip joint system in my opinion, that will make its walking a lot more stable and stabilize the torso as well making it a lot less shaky.

Vonzaku says:

If they paint it red it will walk three times as fast.

Unknown says:

They need a flexible spine for balance

Кобра says:

Молодцы японцы умеют создавать не точто у нас в Беларусии алкаши хрень всякую создают и бабло варуют

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