Logo Design with Mark Winn

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“A logo usually communicates all the essence of something in a very short amount of time. But, I believe, the more abstract and unique it is, the better chance it has of communicating.” — Mark Winn

Get an inside look into the iterative process of logo design with graphic designer, Mark Winn! In this Art School video, Mark takes us through the process of conceptualizing a logo theme and executing the design from pencil to pixel while providing some serious time-saving techniques in Illustrator along the way. Check out the entire collection of KQED Art School videos:


kuusteist says:

Great design video, but spelled aesthetics wrong in the logo.

sonali aggarwal says:

Hello can you design a logo for me..?

juan francisco galvez says:

Usted me diseñaría un logo para mi empresa en España.

zippodeng says:

great video, thank you.

Dylan Mackie says:

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Nizar Amous says:

excellent video, thank you both 😀

Amo Gbr says:

Thanks for all )))

life is art school says:


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