How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard

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incredible idea
Learn: How to Make Robotic Arm with 5 fingers


Yuri Ostr says:

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GustaAa Games says:

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This is so good. Donald Trump can use it

vinodsabharwal Sabharwal says:

fantastic I am vineet sabharwal make It

abdullah ahmad says:

it so easy bro

DarknGlory says:

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Hannah Gray says:

very good
we are doing a school project and this is very good!

Ujjwal Kharbanda says:

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Ujjwal Kharbanda says:

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Meida Miau says:

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gaming with Jacob says:

Thx I’m getting an a on this amazing science project that I copy’s you the BEST!

GEETA Negi says:

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Natalia Rios says:

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ThatRandomeGamer says:

thank you! now i can make a budget arduino wireless arm,i didnt have a 3d printer

Antonia Oliveira says:

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Tea Man says:

There is literally no point in making this

Pán antišťastný says:

Next gen tec

Jing Plays! says:

Why do you need this when you have an arm

James Goodridge the sonicfan says:


James Goodridge the sonicfan says:

I'm 8 years old

Richard The Snow Pea says:

This is useless

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