Parade Held for Breast Cancer Patient as She Completes Chemotherapy

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It was a parade of pink around one neighborhood as a community came together to honor a woman who has endured so much pain. Margaret French spent 140 days in treatment for breast cancer, and loved ones wanted to celebrate with this grand gesture.’s Leigh Scheps ( has more.


TheRolllingStones RBLX _ says:

i wonder what would happen if it was a guy with prostate cancer

ariana ghandi says:

Who cares ?

ciel phantomhive says:

God bless her surviving cancer❤

Surabhi says:

Kindness is a natural quality of the soul:


pink is not my color

Rainbowslurpie 24 says:

Omg she’s so strong!

JExLER says:

This is true love

Riley Carter says:

If only the world was like this….

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