Is It Safe To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar While Breastfeeding?? Yes or No?

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Hey youtube,


Rebecca Boakye Sarpong says:

God bless you for sharing this… very informative

Imafidon Queen says:

Is better to stop breastfeeding before taking it

Precious Binta says:

Thanks you very much for this important information

kenia villa says:

I’m nursing and I took just a little bit but it was before I found this video and I’m going to stop would it do anything to my baby, and it was only one time

Britney Graham says:

Helped me alot

Shahd Salman says:

Thank you very much for your care for other people and warning them for their babies am really glad that I searched and found someone like you tell the truth for other benefits
They always telling me to lose weight and start dieting but I really want to feed my babies the best before starting eating humans made and I know when i want to lose weights I drop them very fast so please to all pple give a nursing mommy time to feed and protect her baby health future ^_^thnx

KeraNiqueCandy says:

Do you have the links to these articles?

Bre sister’s Breanna ,Brenay and Baby Breah says:

i think it will gripe the baby

Amelia Idrus says:

thanks for information

faithlilis says:

I 100% agree with u. However because i have acid reflux and gallstones and also get uti too often i do take it while breastfeeding BUT i use like half a teaspoon (not a tablespoon never) or just some drops in like a 10oz. before i eat meat or in the mornings a week out of the month. I dont takeit forweight loss. But i will keep an eye on my baby because ive not noticed any negative changes.
Ty for letting mommas know about this.

Diamond bliss bliss says:

Thank u so much for this video I wait after 6 months to start taking this just gave birth yesterday.

Megan Rachel says:

I was only taking 2 tbsp a day diluted and stopped right away bc my baby would wake up crying with horrible gas and tummy pain. I am going to ween her soon even though I dislike formula bc I want to get my life back. Can you please send me the recipe for weight loss so I can start it when I ween her?? Thanks for the video.

Cmama says:

But i have noticed these symptoms lately didnt know what was causing it low minerals wow i ve been drinking it for a month baby has real bad thirst even though he nurses well gonna listen to u

Cmama says:

I m glad i found your video cause i had done a tiny amount of vinger water morning and night super diluted and i have noticed my baby doesnt have gas or colic symptoms when i have a few sips a day A FEW SIPS DILUTED like u say thank u

emma watson says:

I was in searching of clearest explanation on how i can healthily lose weight without it risking a reduction in my BM supply. I have been a bit scared to exercise too vigorously. I used “mummy’s magic weight loss tea” to lose extra fat because i just need to eat more calories so it doesn't affect my breastmilk.

Miya Tahara says:

The fit tea company have a fat burner for breastfeeding moms (: it's called "postnatal fat burner " I loved it ! Helped me loose weight and increase milk supply just like it said it would ! Also been drinking apple cider . The combo is working great

Italian Girl says:

Thank u sis for sharing. ..coz am breastfeeding too and am too bad in need of losing weight faster. .anyway let me keep calm…thx dear.

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