Parkinson’s Disease tremor control with medicinal cannabis

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This video demonstrates the effect that medicinal cannabis has upon my Parkinson’s Disease tremor. MPs in the UK are backing a call to legalise it for medical use.


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This video has now been viewed over 45 million times – over 40 million on one Facebook page (The Bud Guru), over 4.5 million on the ATTN: Facebook page, approaching 1 million on this YouTube Channel, and countless other online pages and sites – Thank you for watching!!


bignasty4673 says:

God bless you sir

Joseph todd says:

Amazing may god bless you brother

Kalven Kannabis says:

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."
-Thomas Jefferson

Shannon Studer says:

we love you …..


Feel for you I suffer from anxiety and depression it helps me but also makes me a criminal and this pissed me off as we spend £3 million a day on anti depressants thanks for sharing your story I appreciate it

Pseudo Nym says:

Doctors are ignoring observational science

Deepak Jindal says:

you took cannabis oil or hemp seed oil ? my father has critical parkison.. What should I guide him.. we are done with all medication except this..

Kampfy The Drug Mule says:

Medical companies sicken me to my very core, they hop you up on pills for Parkinson's and then you need to get a buttload of other medications to cope with the side effects of the last medicine you were prescribed, marijuana is a much cheaper alternative to treating this disease and many others like it it has so much potential for medical treatment but it's effects are swept under the rug because it would lose the pharmaceutical companies money and that's all it's about… money

Davi Acioli says:

Hi!!! I'd really like to know weather we would need much more weed after a long term using it. I mean, if I start using it and after would I have to take larger amounts to have the same results?

phosphorii says:

my grandfather was a great man who lived a great life, even won a grammy. but, he developed parkinson’s and ended up succumbing to it. i just wish i knew about this when he was alive. this made me cry out of happiness and sadness :,).

Marcia Bruchmann says:

Parkinsons is not on the symptom list

Ian prestonian says:

This Plant is nothing short of a Miracle, we also are fighting my wifes Cancer with it, god bless you for your video ..
I make Rick Simpson Oil for her, it obviously has more far reaching benefits, her brain tumors have shrank too. Your here for a purpose Ian.

James Kaufman says:

posted this at the Cannabis Patients Group at the Cannabis Associates Network Thanks!

bigtruck guy says:

I like how a commercial plays for brain surgery as a Parkinsons treatment right before a video for medical marijuana that does the same.

Tito Garcia says:

Thank you for doing this video on behalf of everyone who advocates for these draconian laws to be changed

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