10 jaw-dropping animal rescues!

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The animals in this video were all in desperate need of help. Their cries were heard thanks to your donations and the local people who called our helpline to make sure these animals were saved.

Please donate to save precious lives today: https://www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate


Suganya Sugan says:

well done guys

Petrok TF2 says:

Il gonna cry


im speechless this was superb

Resshel Fermin says:

Oh God thank you they help the dogs and protect the

Jaya Vardhani says:

sir namasthe I'm from Andhra Pradesh
sir I request you pls help me. my pup was suffering with allergy on his entire body, I was take him 2 hospitals but no use, pls sir pls help my puppy, the doctor treat him with pencilin, evil and anti biotics then he lost his walk pls sir I burst into tears after saw my pup like in that position

A. G. says:

Love you sooo much….!!


how can I join u

gemy jion fuck u and ur religion says:

Can u please give me foundation bank account no… I need to involve indirectly in this social service…

Phoenix Fusion Gaming says:

How do the eyes of the dogs that have maggots reappear?

Panda Power says:

1:09 the cow kinda looks cute!

Daisy Than says:

You guys would do anything to save animals. Please come to America

Akash Patil says:

suwar se logoko ghin aati hai bhai pr tumne uska bhi rescue kiya .great

TheAp0phis says:

Great channel, even better good Human Beings

Rebekka H says:

Someone Needs to clean up the rubbish in India. I thought there was a lot of waste in Germany, but India tops that by far. But thank you for saving These animals.

Addison SilverNest says:

Hello everyone,
If you have donated $ to them, could you give me some info? And my dad wants to make sure it is safe.

jo jo says:


Radha Sahu says:

aap log vgwan ho

Addison SilverNest says:

I’m asking my dad if I can donate at least $5. I know it’s not much but I hope it will help!

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