John Legend Thinks Kanye Sees Certain Aspects of Himself in Donald Trump

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John Legend on Kanye: ‘I Think He Sees Certain Aspects of Himself in Trump’
Julia Pimentel
News + Pop Culture | @julia_rdsp

APR 27, 2018
John Legend went on Hot 97 on Friday morning to clarify his stance on his friend Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump. An outspoken critic of Trump, Legend even attempted to reach out to Kanye yesterday to explain why so many are taking issue with Kanye’s support for the very unpopular president. Kanye in turn posted the text messages between the two, leaving Legend with no choice but to plug his new single and let it be.

Speaking with Ebro Darden, John tried to rationalize what Kanye sees in Trump. “I think Kanye, when he talks about Trump, he’s thinking about him more as a marketing triumph,” Legend said around the 5:15 mark in the video up top. “I think he sees certain aspects of himself in Trump. He sees how brash he is, and that he don’t give a fuck, how nobody believed he was gonna win. How he defied all the odds… and became president.”

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Have a nice Dave says:

Kayne replied back, "I think John Legend sees a certain aspect of himself in a pile of crap."

Carlos Davila says:

President Trump is draining the swamp n getting criminals out of our streets. If John Legen n other artists n movie stars got something against that, to bad. John Legen needs to know that corruption n criminality is real. And if some of his friends are caught up in the fix, he should get new friends n grow up like me Kayne n all of President Trump supporters did. While your went low we went high n put in the White House the one who should have been in the Oval office from the get go. Kayne n us look eye to eye n that is to Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN.

Matthew Ramirez says:

Who gives a f*** at the end of the day we're all allowed our opinion it doesn't take away of a badass artist is who gives a s***

Beautiful Boy says:

Fuck both of em

Jon G says:

Lol hypocrisy at its best from blacks, if this was a white or any other ethnicity of a rapper they’d be getting crucified

/! says:

Operating from love, operating from empathy? Please, let musicians be musicians and leave politics to politicians who operate from rationality. John Legend has clearly no idea what he is talking about.


I am black and voted for Trump.. CNN and this liberal bias is un-American.

Arr Xavier says:

I've lost all respect for John Legend and his circle jerking buddies on the radio

T. Maximus says:

Everybody should just be glad that Hillary didn't get the office because this country would really be fucked.

Taurus Viking says:


FaerieSensai says:

It isn’t “John Legend thinks” it’s “Kanye SAID”. Remember that dragon energy? It’s something else boy, it’s right up there with “tiger blood and WINNING”

djjlc says:

I don’t know why are you are all kicking up such a big fuss or surprised about this?! Trump is out there doing things for the rich, Kanye West is rich! Kanye West makes money off the poor to make himself rich, so he’s going to support rich guys policies! What did you think he was one of us lol!! You should have never of made him rich in the first place!!

FDA12 says:

john (L)egend
kanye (W)est

Richard Hill says:

Of course he does, they're both JACKASSES!

D Taylor says:

John legend dates a white woman so wtf is he talking about

Allan Sh says:

They definitely share ass(hole)pects.

Defined Boundary says:

Biggie is the son of an Immigrant, Tupac son of immigrants, Lauryn Hill daughter of Immigrants, 6six9nine Mexican descendant, Lebron and NFL players were called Sons of Bitches for protecting Philando Castile. Like MLK said “ we will be remember not for the action of our enemies but for the silence of our friends”. Kanye is a coon. I don’t understand why are these Trumpards listening to hip hop if they hate them so much.

Josh Brodie says:

Everycunt hated trump last week. Stop with the bullshit.

Kwame says:

Kanye is respectfully stupid

Saveea Paris says:


FaTKidS LovECakE says:

Shits funny, watching celebrities back track on Kanye… lmao!

jlb74a says:

nobody do care about this house plantation uncle tom nigga for his democrat party massas.

DefectiveSword says:

Props to complex on this one, not bias like normal. Keep it up

Hank Moody says:

John Legend is a fag tho

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