Extreme Astronomy With A 14 inch Telescope

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HIGH DEFINITION -14 inch Telescope Footage with a CGXL 14 inch 1400 HD telescope. DSLR 24 mega pixel camera at the back of the optical tube/ Welcome and thanks for the ongoing support everyone…


Darron Moore says:

Very cool
Have a GREAT week BRO

Iris Turner says:

Love and Light in the Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

Darla says:

Peace & harmony to all….great vid Bruce thank you for all you do

Richard Bowles says:

Do you not see the smoke coming out of the crater. ?

David Teer The Backyard Ufologist says:

It’s sad… too bad it’s always divide and conquer. We all should come together. Wow we would be awesome if we did! Working together would be way better than basing it on who is better or who’s opinion is better. Have your beliefs and opinions but work together and move forward. Don’t lose site of what the whole thing is about! lol:) it’s structures on the Moon and I bet all throughout the solar system.
Why does it always end up to be this way. Good work Bruce.

Jim G says:

Excellent.Beautiful mix of sound with panning,just spectacular work Brother,Thanks

Showdown says:

5:56 Could that be a scar of a Moonquake?

Rivz2012 says:

lol Bruce your humor is gritty. anti-climatic to say the least. JLW got some nice zoom footage bro and to even his own amazement he actually turned the camera the right angle and gave a nice show all of what to me looks like a huge docking port or station and structures. Cheers!

Michael the Archangel says:

Extreme astronomy now we're talking

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