10 Ways Advertisers Are Tricking You Everyday

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top 10 tricks companies are using to make you buy their products
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It seems that unless we are able to install an optical ad-blocker it’s impossible to avoid being continually bombarded with advertisements. Everyone out there wants to sell us something, and advertisers are very good at what they do. With the addition of a single word, they’re able to make their product seem so much more attractive, even if the word is meaningless. We’ll tell you ten of the tricks that advertisers use in order to get you to purchase their product or service. If you’ve ever purchased something because of its organic label, you’re far from the only one. But that label might not mean what you think it does. It seems like antioxidant is the new healthy buzzword, and people are willing to shell out cash for products they think are healthy. We’ll explain why just reading the label on a product that contains antioxidants isn’t enough to make an informed decision. When it comes to establishing a mascot for their brand, advertisers are well aware of anthropomorphism which means that the smiling creature trying to sell you car insurance is also trying to manipulate you. We’ll also debunk some advertising claims made by some of your favorite breakfast beverages such as decaf coffee, bottled water, and orange juice. How many of you actually know what it means when your juice claims to be from concentrate? In pursuit of a good value, we can let our fear of loss make us fall for the decoy effect which is used more often than you might think.

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AN0N. K says:

12 fries is enough

pookamonsta says:

if you live in my city, you wouldnt drink the tap water. i dont care if the bottle water is tap water. it not the water from here. which is almost always contained, and tastes disgusting.

RED GHOST is my real channel says:

I live in Scotland so our tap water is from the mountains XD

Luciano Guerra says:

After awhile it all gets boring.

Stephanie Darling says:

12 extra fries is worth it.

xX_I2BÆST.JR_Xx says:

People are so greedy just for money. THEY DO KNOW THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE!!!!

WaterMelon Gaming says:

if anthropomorphism is true then why does my dog smile every time she see's me after a long time my dog lives at my grandmas so i don't see her often but whenever i visit she has the biggest smile on her face, so if they are not happy when they smile then why does my dog smile when she see's me after a long period of time o.O so if she isn't happy why is she smiling -_-

(and no she isn't running when she see's me, she is usually in the kitchen when she does and you can see her teeth when she does smile and she doesn't only smile when she see's me she will smile at most of my family members)

EmeraldCity says:

Crackers and cookies and chips are smaller. Containers smaller. Coffee always use to be 1 pound. Potatoes, onions etc frozen and spoils quick. Steaks in restaurants now served one third the size. Only 1% of all water on earth is potable. LA Ca. is turning pooh sewer water into tap water. And 99.9% commenters here are disfuntional.

theendofit says:

They have not asked if you want to upgrade to a larger size for over 10 years. Ever sence supersize me blamed them for pepole geting fat.
They got rid of the larger sizes and dont ask if you want an upgrade they just ask what size you want. They also dont tell you the price difference as that too was blamed for making pepole fat.

Filip Filipov says:

We know where the subscribe button is 😀

rudolphthered956 says:

Fluoride is not good for you.

Major General Aladeen! Big barn,happy goats! says:

Bullshit.Flouride is poison,idiot! There are two kinds, and what to put in the water supply is the poisonous kind it reduces IQ in causes all kinds of bone problems, cancer and other illnesses it also dumbs the person down so there you go anyway I had to call bullshit on that one! As if the government gives a shit about your teeth give me a break!

SnowWalker says:

"Join our Notification Squad"? Talk about advertising tricks.

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