Bruno Mars and Cardi B – Finesse (LIVE From The 60th GRAMMYs ®)

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Finesse (Remix) Feat. Cardi B Available Now:

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CutsieFace McGee says:

Bruno Mars kicks ass live.

Nikki 2017 says:

Cardi you made it baby

Mary Huff says:

Why do they all have red tags on their shoes?

David Molina says:

Dat Moonwalk doe hahaaaaaaaa!!!

Bryan Campos says:

At 1:35 the guy in the yellow jacket slipped

jeremy hunter says:

Bruno stole the show once again

It Chloe says:

Heyy I saw logic but the way Bruno can switch his make very fast and Cardi she looked pregnant up close

Presley Shine says:

Slay it Bruno holy

Shanequa Williams says:

My kids love this song

random reacts says:

Love this song!,

RonJon says:

1:56 I’m still not sure what song/sound affect they sampled at this part.. can someone please tell me?

Jocelyn Jones says:

1:59 he did the dab

Art Aguilera says:


holly rochford says:

i understand what Carbi B is saying in her rap, but have a really hard time understanding her general speech. Her dialect whether natural or played up is difficult to break through for me

It's Ella says:

Let's be honest, everyone came here for Cardi

Jakyra Veal says:

That MoonWalk Though

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