Bizarre uncloaking UFO spotted near International Space Station – Daily Mail

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The live feed, posted by Belgium-based YouTube channel UFO Today, caught the attention of conspiracy theories after strange lights started flashing to the right of the footage. The conspiracy theorists who posted the video say whatever it is, it must be ‘huge’ as it was going under the ISS at some distance. However, experts have debunked the claim, and say the lights are simply reflections or lens flare from the camera.

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Robert matheny says:

I agree that was pretty scary but I also see this fat old guy in this reflective material in my bathroom every morning he’s insane looking

Cyrano Crimson says:

Is it just me, or is the mainstream media covering UFOs now more than ever before?

skeptic doubter says:

stupid video and I fell for it. not really. douche glare

This adventurous world of mine says:

Lensflare of the sun, reflecting on the lens. You can actually see for a few seconds the hexagon of it. UFOs don't even exist!

Nick Rode says:

Who is this music by is there any way you can reply to me with the artist?

Nick Rode says:

I like the music the thumbs up on that

Nick Rode says:

Pretty interesting footage but it's always a bad idea to make a presumption about what the UFOs doing we just have no idea we have no information all we have is visual sightings

Xeromorph exidious says:

No such fucking thing as UFO! If there is a life beyond our planet, let it be there, we don't know about them and they don't know about us. This is all just fake shit here. Stop believing into this

Ziggi Mon says:

Geez, you fools apparently have never seen a lens flare before.

Bryan de Paepe says:

Foil covered box on moving robotic arm was glittering from sunlight reflection at the same time "UFO" was seen and then disappeared the same time the reflecting light stopped.

organicsuperman says:

if you look closely you will see the main 'UFO' was actually jettisoned from another that was going in another direction or was stationary.

chanctonbury63 says:

WTF is an "uncloaking" UFO.

pj says:

Good question- do we know if the camera is mounted on the exterior of the ISS, or is the camera inside,aimed out a window?just wondering if reflection from inside ISS can be ruled out.

Preternatural Doyen says:

Amazing that footage like this is making it to the news, usually this kind of stuff is buried

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