UNBOXING ITEMS FROM “Buying Every Advertisement I See”

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-so a few weeks ago i did a video called “Buying Every Advertisement I See” and i spent over $1,000 LOL so today I’m unboxing the items and testing them out! woo a haul! enjoy & thumbs up!
-watch the original video of me buying the items: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qXRo5wDQLw

-KIAN & JC DISS TRACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWO5NopcFnE

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drew says:

are you high cus same

Susan Rhodes says:

i just rly want my ringtone to be ricky saying "fun!"

Gretchen Gasper says:

the shirts i realised i just started modeling for the creepy ones and couldve given you a discount

Kendall S says:


Galina Clark says:

Luna’s so so cute oh mah lordddd

Karly Carla says:

Ricky ur actually too cute

Kamelah Phanivong says:

is no one gonna talk about how he said “girls generation” like where all my kpop stan’s ???

Brooke Peters says:

Was that a bird? A plane?
No. It was my WIG FLYING OFF. Wig flew. Wig obliterated.

Fatima says:

Your intros are everything

mariana garcia says:

do this again was so fun to watch!

kayla sullivan says:

we stan a multipurpose channel

Trista Maxwell says:

Luna is thicc

Tati B says:

Ricky at 2:15 holding that doll like a baby gave me so much life

Natalie Mimoso says:

This video made me think about how many guys wear muscle pads instead of actually having muscles

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