How I Make a Living as a Freelance Graphic Designer

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There are two different ways I’m able to make a living as a freelance graphic designer:

1. Client Work & 2. Passive Income

I design t-shirts – mainly for the music industry. That’s what I love doing most day-to-day. That makes up the bulk of my income.

Although majority of my time is spent on client work, it’s not always reliable, especially when I was first starting out. So this is why I have several other sources of income.

This passive income is made on the side of client work, which in most cases I make once like a digital product, and earn sales from then on.

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fashionluvr15 says:

Great video, straight to the point

Kathy Nguyen says:

Wow you're excellent in how you market yourself. Do you have and advice for those who never use social media accounts, how they can market themselves using social media. I going to school to become a graphic designer, but once I finish school I would be at at dead end and I wouldn't know where or how to get my name out there so people can know me. I'm the introvert type of person but I don't mind talking to people.

Nick Kassebaum says:

I'm a freelance WordPress developer and I sell vintage hats on Etsy! Find me there under the shop /thediplohats. Get it??

Antenor Ferreira says:

Hey there!! I'm a freelancer in Brazil and i'm getting my first regular client now and making my way to a second. They normally ask for newsletter for their business and some art for their websites. Something easy for designers with a little experience. God help me get better on incoming clients! hugs from Brazil.

Holly Davis says:

Your video is extremely encouraging to me. I'm giving the passive income thing another roll this year. I half heartedly tried before, and am running into the same problem again : Where the heck do I start? What do I make that isn't already out there a million times over?
And you answered both of those questions – sell things that I've made for myself to use! Thanks for the insight <3

Fresh Orange says:

you are just like me but a style and interest and i have a full time job as a CG my job didnt get me a chance to do what i like and saleable stuff 90% of the time is licensed photoghraphy and sale sale sale >:O and i have to create a work just for sold for a 25 CENT!!!
thanks btw i subbed ;D

Ameshin Designs says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 I made the mistake of favoring client based projects over passive income.

I've also been freelancing since 2011~ Looks like I'm resigning this month.

May dabble or come back to it later. Anyway, to answer your question: I've been taking general creative work (graphics, art game assets) and selling virtual world content on the side. o/

vulgar madeh says:

How do you get recognition to get paid? And how much do you charge for your work?

Cody Brown Design says:

Thanks for sharing this! You seem extremely passionate about what do you, super inspiring. You're getting me motivated to develop some resources for Creative Market.

Martin Bodger says:

It should be said that Creative Market will not let you sell unless you meet certain requirements.

Like having sold products before.

So I have no idea how he got on there short of having stuff to submit beforehand

Roger Toledano says:

Hello Brent, My name is Roger. I am just getting into graphic design. I really am looking to make this my career. I am looking for a mentor of sorts, someone I can just email once in a while with some questions and things. Is there anyway you can shoot me an email?

Mark H. says:

Brent looks way different from 2 years ago…probably the beard.

Fran Gee says:

Do you have any thoughts or experience on using Corel Draw? I'm spending alot of time learning this program and wondering if I will eventually have to switch over to another one.

Jess Tang says:

It's very motivating to keep me continue in cretive field. As everyone know creative field is very tough and must be very very hardworking especially freelancer. Keep going make great motivating videos!!!

Drashya Kushwah says:

Brent i have one question…
What techniques u have learnt while you started t-shirt designing

mynameismag1 says:

What would be the % of your passive income compared to client work ?

HD Creations says:

how i will be get my clients??

Haftom Gebremedhin says:

so how can i participate on your business experience sharing if you are interested please help me graphic designer business online jobs!

E. M says:

Super useful! thank you!

The Ritual Kings says:

Can you make a video on passion income on graphic design what how to do it. Step by step please??

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