Philadelphia Sixers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights -Game 3 -2018 NBA Playoffs

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Bruce Lee says:

limit d playing time of Winslow,embid block him.he musd pass the ball under d basket on d open man.

Bruce Lee says:

hassan will be back.

Bruce Lee says:

Miami no big man in d half of the 4 th

Eddie Williams says:

Joel embid is really good

Eddie Williams says:

The 7yers are super good

moedig - I be on that kryptonite says:

Great effort by Dragic. This seems to be a series of 3's, even Embid will shoot em and make em in the clutch. But Bellinili Saric and Ilyasova are showing true range.

Dan N says:

Lol poor heat, the Sizers were just finding their groove again in this game with Embiid. Just wait till thy get going. Like in the 4th.

Dee September says:

they're good but I think they won't win against the Celtics..

Csimár Kriszti Önéletrajz says:


TheDHoj says:

What about dwade's ankle breaker??? Shit made the guy nae nae

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