Five Things Medical Marijuana Won’t Tell You | Medical Marijana

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Americans may be able to legally smoke marijuana for their health in nearly half the country, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe from the long arm of the federal law. MarketWatch’s Jim Jelter discusses five things medical marijuana won’t tell you. (Photo: Getty Images)

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jujuandjesus says:

This guy sounds like Seth Rogan, with a script from Jeff Sessions.

jam ngom says:

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M W says:

IGNORE THIS VIDEO – This is just another Pharma attack on alternative medicines, shall we look into the unending list of side effects listed for their pain relief and cancer drugs? How long do you have…days?

CBD – Three letters grouped together that blow this big pharma actors argument out of the window. CBD has no high, and it is being actively rolled out at last for those that have been prescribed life altering pain medicines (opiates) by the medical practises.

Opiates as I am sure many know are highly addictive and often those that have been exposed to trauma injuries are prescribed them, often they create dependency as they are hugely addictive and they destroy people’s lives yet big pharma dish them out like candy.

How many times do you see people visiting their doctors only to be marched into the pharmacy to have to buy a huge bag of drugs. Medical tests are CONCLUSIVE re CBD it works and it brings so much relief to people suffering from cancers, tremors, epilepsy, multiple muscle degradation diseases and the list goes on and on.

This video could have centred on the true and proven CBD oil now being used responsibly with no high and no side effects just pain relief and other huge advantages but NO these people are discrediting again.

It’s plain and simple why, CBD massively threatens their market, opioid abuse is OUT OF CONTROL it’s an epidemic and they have the cheek to talk about abuses here.



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The Interesting Nobody says:

The left and right both hate it, because no one will fall of the vaccine scam or take mind-killing drugs ever again if it's legalized. It's bad for big business.

Dave Louis says:

Yes I'm like smoke the weed

Blakhawk1703 says:

what a cokehead lol

Breanna. says:

Who's high watching this

Ash Y says:

But actually helps people.. DRAMATICALLY. It can help with chronic illness. I don’t care if you make it illegal to smoke it, but oil is extremely useful.

NOVAK1N says:

Cool Good info 10/10 IGN WsJ

ohhJavier says:

Watching this video while I’m high.

Eric Sanders says:

You sir, are a fucktard that is a closed minded idiot most likely paid by by pharmaceuticals

MN Patriot says:

Not an easy target if you have a concealed carry permit and your green card lol

Chuck Reynolds says:

Once upon a time, WSJ was a great paper; now I'm not so sure. This is more anti-pot propaganda than it is news. O the items he 'informed' me of, I only knew only 5 of them. He makes it sound like anyone in business is lying to their customers for profit, which, while true for nearly ALL large industries, what difference does it really make? People know pot is profitable, illegal under federal law, and getting stronger all the time. The biggest flaw is his insinuation that it has no effect on pain or other symptoms of several conditions. It is true that there are no studies for the use of any form of cannabis for most conditions, but this is the result of it being a Schedule 1 Narcotic, and as such cannot be studied. If the DEA removed the classification, there would be an enormous number of those studies, if only to prove it does not work. His claim that many of the people who have legal access are simply using it to get high is correct, in my opinion. The process of getting legal access is often pretty much the same as a claim that during Prohibition, people only used alcohol to be 'social'. Once upon a time WSJ was a great source of news, now it seems to be becoming a typical source of innuendo and insult.

Senior Pulpo says:

The biggest reason marijuana isn't legalized is because pharmacys will lose money for perscriped pills that help with cancer and diabetes, even anxiety. Marijuana can help cancer diabetes, anxiety chronical pain in the head and jaw. It can even make gas for a car but the idiot government likes to cause pollution to the world when weed can make Earth greener. Stupid ass government and people that don't even know wtf they say.

LuckyPucker says:

the title isn't proper english. Medical Marijuanna isn't a person therefore you can't say "won't tell you". It is improper.

Rick Simpson Oil Cures says:

I want to know how precious MMJ strain can be .
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Rainfall says:

Most of his claims are "hurr durr its federally illegal"

Skunkmaster B says:

WSJ fake news liberal pussy

Driven 2015 says:

I disagree with this guy. Medical grade weed is good it is awesome. Good for relaxing the mind and body.

nidal shehahadeh says:

I have been taken Pharmaceuticals for the last 27 years my kidneys are at 71% what should I do , keep taking pharmaceutical lose my kidneys ? or try something which have been tested for the last ten thousand years ?
since time and Memorial Humanity have existed on natural medicine , all of that changed when the petrochemistry industry wanted to find a way to dispose of toxic waste and make money off it at the same time , no matter how much damage marijuana does it pales in comparison to all the damage which has been caused
by the pharmaceutical business , Pharmaceutical have caused death cancer loss of function depression none of that applies to marijuana so please try and be balanced when you talk about such a subject

Connor Clark says:

Ok Jeff, I'll go get a xanax prescription for my anxiety instead. Thanks for the propaganda, asshole.

malek 145 says:

why you f***n lying

Laughing Lies says:

I use marijuana for PTSD. Without it I would have committed suicide years ago. Marijuana is medicine.


Wsj is garbage not surprised

republic 44. says:

fuck you asshole

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