Starbucks’ Howard Schultz was “sick” to his stomach when he saw arrests video

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Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz tells “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King he “couldn’t believe it” when he saw the video of two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks. But he admits the racial bias incident may not be isolated to that store.

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Kawitamamayi says:

Manager politely followed Starbucks policy to ask the two non-customers to leave. When calling 911 She said “We have two gentlemen who refuse to order or leave the café.”
The CEO Schultz called her a racist. That is BS he lied about what she said accusing her of complaining that “two black men won’t leave the store.”
He through her under the bus. The CEO Schultz is the only racist in the room!

scorpio777 scorpio777 says:

The white lady was viewed as a threat.we don't know the back story. Maybe she was raped or a friend was raped by someone who looked like them

scorpio777 scorpio777 says:

Starbucks sells franchises…is this a franchise or actually owned by Starbucks

Pamela Smith says:

I've been to one time and I didn't feel comfortable. I'm glad he's speaking out to everyone saying be more diverse. All different types love to meet and greet. I hope this change the atmosphere at Starbucks.

Tony Vasquez says:

Did the 2 men file a lawsuit against Starbucks?

Da Choppah says:

The Elephant in the room—-> Why are Black Men profiled ? Because they commit mind boggling amounts of crime. You better Profile Black Men in many cities or you will wind up very dead. Full Disclosure—I despise liberal Starbucks and it couldnt happen to a nicer company Bwhahaaaaaaa.

nabe anni says:

He is not responsible for the actions of one employee. I applaud this man for wanting to make a difference instead of ignoring the problem. Starbucks – my new favorite place!

Dewey Hang says:

How can you determine who is a homeless? My own daughter loves Starbucks and she takes great pride and efforts to dress and make herself look like a homeless.

Jedidja B says:

So Starbucks is going to train is personal ok how to not be racist?? Lmaoooo

bob showup says:

yeah this guy is just catering to this out of control event, just look at the key words he's using.. why is he even making comments before sitting down and talking with the employee who called 911 and the two men who were asked to leave so he knows just what transpired…

Shaun Jenkins says:

Howard is a true American patriot.. Champion for justice.. Thank you Mr Howard..

Doc Edwards says:

Get ready, Shultz,! I'm going to get together 10 homeless people and/or families and head to the nearest Starbucks. I will also make sure the press is tipped off in advance. If you're going to operate on a different, more fair system, then it has to be non-biased, 100% across the board. In other words, according to your new policy, no one has to make a purchase but they must have money in their pocket so as to possibly make a purchase. Your new policy has the potential to brew up a second batch of trouble. To look bad once is bad public relations, but to look bad twice will be economic suicide. You've now been warned.

Johannes DeMoravia says:

A Jew would say this… and much more to steal every last vestige of profit and use his apology to promote his personal bonus.
" his pain was palpable ". Hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Man Dingo says:

It shouldn't take rocket scientist to know how to treat people with common courtesy. So now their solution is to teach racist how not to be racist.

Doc Edwards says:

for everyone except the homeless. Did I understand him correctly.

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