Web Design Trends For 2018

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In this week’s Lab we take a look into the future and forecast the web design trends that you need to look out for and to consider adopting now.

A good user experience on your website will always transfer to increased conversions, no matter whether your goals are sales, or lead capture, or even something else.

If you can get this piece right, you’re well on your way to digital marketing success. After all, your website is your online shop window!

Watch the video now to take a gaze into the crystal ball of web design!


Johnny Darko says:

much words, no visuals. And also i wounder how app security is a web design thing. This video is 16 mins boring and not informative.

Vinita Atre says:

To skip to the content at 1:29

PageX SG says:

Yeah these are trends we look out for when reviewing websites on our channel as well! Good Job!

Carla Gonçalves says:

Are you in London?;))

Daniel Henderson says:

Useful video – thanks

Lina Shim says:

How did you make your logo, my marketoloty:lab"? I'd love to make my logo with bubbling animation like yours..

David Kosmayer says:

This video was featured here – https://www.bookmark.com/blog/top-web-design-trends-2018 along with 25 additional web design trends for 2018.

Website Wizards says:

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AnyBody Can Draw Easily says:

great collection of reference material in a neatly organised way .. thank folks

Website Support Plus says:

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vidopro says:

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pranoy sundar says:

One of the major web design trends in 2018 is going to be the mobile first approach. Designers around the globe will be designing the entire website primarily focused on how they look in mobile devices… where as till now most people were designing websites for desktop devices
check out this article : site:https://webdevelopmenttechnology.wordpress.com/2017/12/21/web-development-top-6-questions-2018/

Liam M says:

Hey, i'm a junior web designer from the UK, and just like to say keep up the good content! Your videos are simple, informative and will help someone somewhere learn something new.

Klaus Mana says:

r u from teh future?

Just in Case Productions says:

Great stuff

Orcslash says:

Seeing same image on companies websites in same industry is really putting off for me. I live where 99% population is white and I see foreigners used in splash pages or used as main graphics it doesn't create trust and it doesn't bring any originality.

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