How To Make a WordPress Website – 2018 – In 24 Easy Steps

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Learn how to create a website in 24 easy steps. Step by step with no step skipped. With the new template system you will have the most professional website on the most popular platform (WordPress) in the entire world.

Learn to get your domain name, hosting, install WordPress, create your website, make a logo and the best tips and tricks to make your website #1.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

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1.) Introduction – 00:00:00
2.) Get Domain Name & Hosting – 00:07:08 (use savecode on checkout)
3.) Install WordPress – 00:12:38
4.) Login To WordPress – 00:15:08
5.) Change Password – 00:16:00
6.) Delete Plugins – 00:16:23
7.) Change Permalinks – 00:17:28
8.) Update WordPress – 00:18:53
9.) Install Theme – 00:19:22
10.) Delete Pages & Posts – 00:21:28
11.) Change Title & Tagline – 00:22:33
12.) Add Pages To Website – 00:23:47
13.) Edit Navigation Menu – 00:24:59
14.) Set Homepage To Home – 00:30:12
15.) Add Content The Old Way – 00:31:15
16.) Install Elementor Plugin – 00:32:03
17.) Create Your Home Page – 00:33:16
18.) Create Your About Page – 00:53:20
19.) Create Your Services Page – 00:57:39
20.) Create Your Contact Page – 01:10:28
21.) Create Your Logo – 01:17:01
22.) Create Your Footer – 01:19:50
23.) Create Your FavIcon – 01:25:00
24.) Logout – 01:27:39

Remember, have fun making your website 🙂


Charlie Davies says:

Thank you so so much. I've been wanting to build a website for ages and you helped me so much. I honestly feel so chuffed with myself. Will hashtag and @ you when I start promoting it in the next couple of days. Please let me know if there are any particular ways I can credit you as I'm so so grateful! Cheers, Charlie 🙂

Vladica Ilic says:

Hey! One question. I bought the domain name, and after few days i decided that it was a wrong name, and bought a new one. So i wanted to start again with the new domain, and when i tried to install the WordPress, in the drop menu it showed only the old domain, and not the new one? How can i fix this? It has been more than 10 days since the new domain was bought.

david kamau says:

Most educative video ever on wordpress!!!

Hishan Abesiriwardana says:

Hallo sir. OceanWp Theam page settings cannot change…. it's not available

michael waters says:

Thanks Tyler. Great job. You go a little fast for a 75 year old, but I can pause and play, so no worries. Thanks again.

paintgal06 says:

I couldn’t download your templates. They just downloaded as excel files even when I tried the zip files.

Nicole Jones says:

Hello Tyler, I Followed the steps carefully but still I'm at my, nothing looks the same. Then I realized there is and which are we following please?

Eugene gerbolingo says:

Try this Website so easy and real!

kevin carter says:

tyler, I just followed your steps, purchased a domain, a few extra security features and now I am trying to use the quick launch, however the website wont load. i am getting the error- gator.3249.hostgator dot com. I am trying to build a website for my mother so i am going to try my own first. please advise. thank you!

JackThe says:

One issue that surfaced for me showed up 24 hours later. I didn't choose the Privacy option. I woke up to some 50 emails from companies wanting to design my website for me. Later that afternoon the phone starting ringing. India calling. Looks like I have to either shut down this experiment or succumb to the extortion. Seems crazy.

Wilmide Vernet says:

Hi Tyler,
I just tried to access hostgator for web hosting and the site is down? Any help, is there a better hosting site out there?

Katerina Arapis says:

Hi Tyler,

When following along and trying to edit my font size, I come across this "You can add: px-em-%" instead of a dragger as seen in 29:28

Any suggestions? TIA! 🙂

Ryan Burgess says:

Tyler – Any idea how to solve for overflow below/above the footer when only having a hero on the homepage?

OGADsolutions says:

Tyler, this is a great tutorial. Thank you.
I am building my website offline and I have downloaded those templates. After importing them into WordPress the templates didn't show up in elementor. Why?

Elda Dainira says:

Hi Tyler, what an amazing video. I have a question: Do I need to wait necessarily 2 hours or more to go to the next step or i can skipped it than wait so that the site is available in the internet?

Joelle Jean-Jacques says:

You have made this so simple. Thank you!!! 🙂 This video has changed my life. (Well made it easier)

HONjramiroz98 says:

simply AMAZING thank you so much

Bushra says:

no matter where i searched i just cant find the content layout under the elementor editor!!!! i can't continue working on it because it only goes to the half of the page!!

paintgal06 says:

WOW! This is GREAT!!!!! I am just starting to build my website w/Wordpress and am so frustrated with it that I was getting ready to give up. Your tutorial is exactly what I wanted & needed! Thank you so much for this. So awesome!

qazi waleed says:

Tyler Moore can you please upload a video of making woocommerce wordpress website ?

qazi waleed says:

I would like to say you are amazing ,simply love you Tyler Moore for such an interesting video it really helps me a lot thanks 🙂

Peter Gunnebro Yrkesintroduktion says:

Hi Tyler. Thanks for this awesome presentation of yours! I´m wondering if there is a way to embed a Spotify playlist on a page using Elementor? I have tried the "HTML"-element but it just doesn´t accept my iframe code.

Dakota Boyse says:

Hello, i'm not sure if i'm the only one having these problems, but it seems that the oceanwp theme is possible under a different name or it no longer exists in wordpress's theme catalog. And for the permalinks option, that doesn't exist on my admin page. I asked wordpress and they said something about changing the "slug". Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any advice on these things. Thanks for your video!

Edit Kasza says:

Hi Tyler. What is you affiliate link to buy elementor pro?

Emir Ibrahimov says:

Tyler, the video is awesome, thank you
I have some issue, I add somehow the background picture to my website its copying multiple times and look ridiculous, any forums and support cannot help me, I am pissed off . Here is some link to screenshot ( ). Thank you for your attention

Inna Voytenko says:

Tyler, you're awesome!

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