Bizarre midair UFO sighting freaks out plane passengers | New York Post

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A passenger on a plane flying over the Aegean Sea captured footage of a bizarre object flying alongside the aircraft. It performs several maneuvers that seem like they would be impossible for any known aircraft to pull off.


MTRIFE says:

I'm just here to see someone offer their "concrete" explanation of what this is while no one in the science or aviation fields has been able to do so

Mike Manning says:

Why wouldn't your suumption be that it's another plane?

rozzy 20 says:

It's clearly just someone rocket riding

landon ardoin says:

Is that a huffy!!!

mortalflower1 says:

It's obviously a chem-trail plane, snap out of it!

Some Guy says:

Please end your lives

Admiral Teemo says:

that's another plane dumbass

Viscus Delicious says:

Ufo: Hey have you seen my contact lens? lol

The One Above All says:

No its not a alien spacecraft


jay vargas says:

Thats my morning boner relax people gees

Njabulo Nxumalo says:

Its a Demeantor

Drew Jackson says:

Aliens use fossil fuels?

Catastrophe Cause says:

It’s a plane, It’s a bird, It’s… John Cena!

Ugandan knucles says:

Guys ur all dumb its a damn cloud that finally made its body black and fly off

richard bryant says:

Hi Buddy I hope you find your Dad… Elf Movie

master philosopher says:

it probably tried to shoot down southwest airlines plane other day

Thefirehawkman says:

I must have missed the "impossible maneuvers" part. What I see is another plane with its contrail in the shadow of high clouds.

haris becirovic says:

your uber has arrived

Dan Zena says:

It looks like a giant turb or a BBC peeking above the clouds.

Paulie Harrow says:


karlwashere123 says:

Looks like an old jet burning off shity kerosene fuel with water in it

merlinsdog says:

Something escaped from Harry potter's world me thinks….and they suck the life from you…..mwahahahahaaa!

Poon Hunter Since 83 says:

Help us Tom Cruise

QauckityHQ says:

Star destroyer

Tube-Bit ManChild says:

Your lucky they missed

Fancy says:

Where is the full video tho?? I wanna see what eles happen not just a short version of it

GreySH101 says:

Pardon me chap, do you have any Grey Poupon ?

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