5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

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If you’re looking for free software for your computer, there’s a lot to choose from. To separate out the good programs from the bad, I will show you 5 free software that are actually great! This is the first edition of this year. This edition will focus primarily on free software for computers running the Windows operating system.

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0:28 Web Browser
1:35 Multimedia Player
2:35 Video Editor
5:50 System Profiler
6:44 Cursor Editor

“Free Software” Playlist

Puffin Browser
VSDC Free Video Editor
RealWorld Cursor Editor

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Ag Faysal says:

puffin browser is 32 bit and beta version too why not 64 bit??

Peekofwar says:

Hey, I've used RealWorld Cursor Editor.

Heymin Wolver says:

thank you very much it was very much helpful

raghu bandi says:

thank u good bro….

Martin Kuliza says:

i have better ideas

Puffin brower…. USE EPIC BROWSER INSTEAD… much better
pot player….. What wrong with CCCP ?? that's basically the same thing only better
CPU-Z well this is just fucking awesome isn't it and has been for some time hehe

dev TCM says:

Greater vid I really like it

Bridge57 says:

Does anyone know if there is free software for windows that outlines a photo so a person can make a coloring book from them?

Cave Man says:

Pot Player looks like Gom Player

Saurabh Kumar Sharma says:

you chose VSDC over HitFilm?? and didnt even include Blender?

John Cherish says:

You want free software go totally free use Linux Mint and get 100's maybe 1000's of quality software packages for FREE those like GIMP, and Libre Office to name a few you can even run some windows software on WINE a windows emulator – Mint also has some awesome FREE video editors – there are so many free packages this post would be extremely long to list them all

DigiFootage Channel says:

Pot Player doesn't seem to have a Windows 10 support listing. I'm sure it will work on 10, but I'll wait until they say it's officially supported.

αмяαи !! says:

4 of them are those which i would recommend too but the cursor editor..would cause problems later

sebastian bach says:

If you run Windows, you Will nevera be free.

Ken Heart says:

Unfortunately CPU-Z tools lead you to non-free sites that need payment to function, almost like clickbait

ZoidbergForPresident says:

A browser that connects through cloud servers that has an "increased security" tab? That's ludicrous, I don't want my browser to connect through some external server. I'd rather have to wait 200ms more to open my page…

Alexander Jansen says:

Bit odd that some of these don't run natively in Linux. As free software, I'd expect the source code to be available to compile myself — as distinct from freeware.

audiogambler says:

What about the complex ones, like game engines (unity, udk), office, and many others?

Thanks for your video anyway, I'll check them out.

Max Jacobi says:

MusicBee is my favorite free audioplayer.

Luo Paul says:

Hello!Can I upload this video to Chinese video website?Thank you!

Jonathan Carter says:

VSDC is not free software, rather use OBS.

Divergent Droid says:

with the puffin browser.. what does it matter if you use an incognito window when all data is going through Puffin cloud servers anyway.. they can record all your private browsing data..

Tex Rare says:

i want GLIMPS

Tex Rare says:

Thanks tech gumbo…more free apps

masum masum yes I want more videos says:

thank u Sir I need to know window installation by heirn boot cd

K.E Green says:

Thanks, TechGumbo for all of your videos. I would like to know if you did any videos this year on the best free Malware Protection for Windows 10? and if so which one is it?

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