Erica’s Fight Against Chronic Lyme Disease

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This is the story Erica Valker’s story battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. Three years ago she was happy, active and seemingly healthy. Erica has now been debilitated by Lyme disease and multiple co-infections that have her fighting for her life.

This is a video collection of some of her most trying times and turning points. Sadly, after two years we have made little progress due to failed practices of Western medicine and misguided policies on Lyme disease by the corrupt CDC.

Please SHARE THIS VIDEO to help us raise awareness for Lyme disease so others can detect their illness earlier and do not have to go through what we have. There are many more people like Erica in need of help.

If you would like to donate to Erica’s medical fund, you may do so here:­D1

Learn more about the Lyme epidemic here:


Lorna Ritchey says:

While I wouldn’t wish my pain and anguish on my worst enemy.. I would like to say to the board members of the U.S. CDC and IDSA – if you think Lyme disease or related tick borne diseases are “hard to get but don’t worry, super easy to treat”.. then why not let an infected tick bite you, wait the standard 4-6wks before you start treatment since you have to have a positive test to receive antibiotics, then take the 14day recommended dose. I bet none of them would do that!! I work in healthcare and am struggling daily with this horrible illness – I was bit 2years ago & given 3wks of doxycycline and yet, now having brain lesions w/neuro issues, heart problems, etc etc etc. The pain, head & neck pressure & dizziness is relentless. I still test positive but was given oral doxy again which didn’t help one bit because “I must have been bit again, in the winter”.. I am about to have to say I can’t work any longer. I have hung on as much as possible to keep my insurance – although seems pointless because they have denied repeatedly a 3-4wk course of IV antibiotics. I feel so badly for this lady. I know how I have felt for a year or so (severe symptoms 4mnths now) so I couldn’t imagine going on for as many years as she. The government will never care about us. Healthcare went in the pits 8-10yrs ago. Before that you didn’t have to fight insurance like you do now. And doctors .. well, I don’t want to get into the politics but let me just say the US healthcare system is failing big time. I work hard for my insurance yet it seems meaningless because 1-they refuse to cover what I need and 2-healthcare/doctors says “we don’t know what is wrong with you” even though they do & “it can’t kill you so live with it”. My heart breaks to see her be stereo-typed when she just wants someone to care & help her. I get it. I see it. I live it.
And to her husband, God Bless you sir! You are truly demonstrating what is lacking in the US – unconditional love. To stay by her side shows you took your oath as a husband seriously. Not many would do that these days. My husband is wonderful but I am afraid I can’t burden him with this much longer. He doesn’t deserve to have to live with this too.

Jennifer Jane says:

Disgusting what they're doing to people.


Hi, I am wondering how Erica is doing. This video made me so sad. I am so sorry for all the pain and suffering. Could you update me on her condition? I'm​ hoping that you have found CBD oil and are having success. CBD is showing great success in Lyme. Thanks and God bless~

Wildflower Honeybee says:

The healthcare in this video…….certaintly isn't top notch…. looks identical to a TIA…(mini strokes).

Wildflower Honeybee says:

She might have also had Lyme….this was something more…just because a person has one thing does not mean it's always just for that….be vigilant with your healthcare or have someone who can…the hospitals are full of under achieving hospitalists….they don't care….no private practice, nor to they usually pay their own malpractice….sub par treatment from sub par physicians…Be Ware!!!!

Fiona McInnes says:

I am so sorry by God when will all doctors wake up to this horrific problem I so want to give $$ I to have lyme (or its all in my head?!) I have seizures regular shingles yadda yadda I don't bother with ER anymore if I go I get treated badly I would rather suffer at home even if it kills me I just can't travel anymore but alas this is about what your going through and I so wish I could take it away no point having 2 like this in saying that nobody should be abused nor neglected because of their own medical beliefs sorry brain no good I mean well and I wish you guys all my hope love and light for a future of being well again huge hugzzzzzz with all my heart (gal from oz)


It's crazy that this woman been to all these hospitals, and nobody thought to take her to a natrual doctor…??????? Are you fuckin serious… She is suffering. Get her to a natrual healer so she can get well.

Lori Watson says:

God bless this sweet lady. Chronic illness isn’t something I would wish on anyone. I don’t have Lyme but i do have a chronic pain condition that comes with other issues. My prayers for your physical strength and mental strength my dear warrior.

Bem Fawkes says:

Awwww bless her!!! How on earth did they not know what she had! I'm angry for her, fight for her as long as it takes just fight <3 <3 love from the uk <3 <3.

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