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Humanity has been enjoying starry skies since ancient times but only recently could we make some steps to understand what’s hiding in the outer space. Using satellites, math, telescopes and other instruments, scientists could learn a lot about the universe. But no matter how much we already know, still, there are mysteries that we don’t know how to explain. And today Smart is the New Sexy collected 10 such phenomena that baffle modern scientists. Are you ready to travel among the stars?

#10 The Great Attractor

Whether we like it or not, we are all traveling through the Universe, and the ticket is one way only. Our Milky Way is speeding towards a point in the night sky whose story remained a mystery until modern astronomy kicked in. The formation known as the Great Attractor is pulling towards it all nearby galaxies, at a speed that doesn’t have to worry us (for now!). It would take billions of years before we reach the source of this incredible gravitational pull.
What waits for us there could be less glamorous than we expect. Maybe that’s only a junkyard for galaxies. Or maybe is hell! Whatever your guess is on the Great Attractor, it would certainly enhance your vocabulary for the next romantic stargazing getaway. “Do you know, honey, there’s a huge magnet in the sky?”

The next 9 objects inside the video!

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Anthony Lockert says:

Black hoes?

My Kids says:

Smart is not sexy

Gisela Gonzalez Robles says:

Thats not the what the red spot is hes liyng im workin on planets in my school ad the techer told me it was a non stop huricane why is it non stop?because Jupiter moves to fast and…tel me what makes that huricane coment down below…ho and that is caled in spanish La gran mancha roja in inglish i dont even no but tel me in the coments down below

Dragonrider616 says:

Pretty cool video.

Rina Maharjan says:

Are you sure ?

Ally _Idk says:

In the thumbnail it looks like Jupiter has an Earth Pimple

toys an buildings dinh says:

Change your channel names why smart is the new sexy

Kajus Kareiva says:

When I clicked on this video I thought one of these things had to be Planet 9 or UFO's cought on earth and what is outside of our expanding, neverending universe.

Wina Dwynth Patalinghug says:

I shock everything like ….WOW…

cheezit999813 says:

Too cringey to watch, you sound like such a geek, and the way your voice is confuses me and i dont even know what youre saying.

keeper versteezy says:

I like the Hawking theory

Shay Lyrics says:

"Can you imagine staring at nothing all the time?" …… Um yeah , that's how it was before we existed …..

keeper versteezy says:

That spot on Jupiter looks like a pple

Komasan with pants on says:

I know the 2 one!

Dylann Page says:

Sanders rings are made out of patrols of ice in space??????????

Jeric Verdillo says:

fake fake fake fake plz fake were not dieing

Jordyn MIssle says:

When they said "Nearby Galaxies" I was like "THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE GALAXY!??!!?!"

Daiva Melingyte says:

What about the thumbnail?

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