The Ultimate MALAYSIAN Healthy Food Swaps | Eat This. Not That. | Joanna Soh

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♥ My country, Malaysia is currently the FATTEST country in South East Asia. It’s sad! Most of us aren’t aware of how bad a food can be for us because we are used to eating this way. Or perhaps we just don’t care!
♥ Let’s stop this OBESITY epidemic worldwide and look at how we can make healthier food choices and still enjoy our local dishes when eating out.
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Here’s my take on Malaysian Healthy Food Swaps:
1) Fried Rice vs Economy Rice
2) Roti Canai vs Thosai
3) Nasi Lemak vs Nasi Kerabu
4) Fried Chicken vs Tandoori Chicken
5) Curry Noodles vs Clear Broth Noodles
6) Fried Popiah vs Seaweed Popiah
7) Pasembur vs Fruit Salad
8) Briyani Rice vs White Rice
9) Mixed Rice + Side Dishes
10) Banana Fritters vs Banana
11) Curry Puff vs Sweet Potato
12) Teh Tarik vs Teh O
13) White Coffee vs Coffee O

All these food swaps may seem difficult to begin with. But as we become more conscious of our eating habits and practice making better choices, you’ll start to notice the different on your body, your energy level and you will be saving yourself from all the diseases.

We are what we eat. We CAN make a difference today and that starts with each and every one of us. How are you making better food choices today? Let me know in the comments below.



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david Box says:

The chicken is full of fat before you cook it…

david Box says:

Ditch the fish too…full of fat and poisons

RandomPsychic says:

Absolute rubbish…..fat you eat is not fat you wear!!! Carbs are the problem! do some better research…

Im Lee says:

Pasembur is like so light I didn't realize how unhealthy it is. 500 calories?! God bless our bodies

Jamal Crawford says:

Meh I'm eating these type of food all my life and didn't gain weight. I'm 29…

syazwani yusoff says:

Nice video!!thank you for sharing

Zarin Comels says:

Love it so much!

Joei Azizi says:

Don't count those calories or fat. Fat doesn't make you fat. Rice and wheat will make you more fat than fat. Sugar makes you fat than fat. Eat healthy fat like coconut virgin oil, clarified butter like ghee, olive oil. Those kinds of fat make you feel full and you won't snack. Eat more fresh greens. Go ketogenic. I consume lots of healthy fat even in my coffee. My waistline went from 36 to 34 and on the way to 33. I know Malaysian if don't eat rice they feel like dying. So eat shirataki rice or noodle or konjac. Only 1g of carb and calorie. No need to go to Japan and buy it. There is a Malaysian brand called KURUS.

Watson Yek Wah Sheng says:

If it's delicious, is probably packed with loads of sugar and oils. If it isn't delicious, is either it is healthy food, or the cook is amateur.

Smashing Labu says:

I'm 800 liker! Hi Ms.Joanna.. can you share Malaysian swap food for gluten intolerance?Or maybe FODMAPS & Paleo Gaps Diet tips? Thank You..Happy New Year

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