Next Generation Robots – Boston Dynamics, Asimo, Da Vinci, SoFi

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0:00 HESK & NADUS // You Bout it

0:30 Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

2:15 Kinobe – A Small Island

4:15 Deccies – Subtle

5:43 Mono Suono – Home

6:34 Kidnap Kid – Moments (feat. Leo Stannard)

7:22 Bon Iver – Wash (OMN Remix)’

8:52 Mike Newman – I Don’t Wanna

10:00 Till Death – Forever

11:16 Number One Fan – Sorry

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Dene. F. says:

I see us getting a cat our dog wont rip apart. Excellent creature. Thanks.

Nemo D333 says:

I doubt atlas-like will ever be used for search and rescue. It just determination of scientist to create humonoid-look-a-like robot. It comes from the past. what is capacity of his battery/fuel cell? 20 mins? 1hour? more like humans will search for Atlas after the event 😀 Drones are the future of search-rescue-monitoring-warfare and so on. They are light, mobile and cheap. also they can swarm. If you loose couple in a event it's not that big lose as $$$$ Atlas-like.
EDIT. Are you fkin joking me? since when RC controlled mincing machines (robot wars) are considered as a autonomous robots?????? And it is not even next gen. These things were same back in 60-80's. They have 0% of data processing chips on them, except primitive radio control chips. Only Japan has proper autonomous-self thinking robot competitions. Dumb americans, they probably think their monster trucks are robots (transformers) too 😀

Callme V says:

Ne sexual discrimination. No garbage attitudes of store associates. And to solve the battery porblem, Tesla coils in Wal Mart are easy with rechargable cells. Soon da vinci will not need human operators either. Damn I love robots and AI.

Ewok Alpha says:

The Boston Dynamics bots are awesome!

Chris Diplock says:

Coldfusion is a programming Language owned by Adobe?

Yann Dupuis says:

I do not like robots except for cleaning

wafemaster says:


drania76 says:

Has Asimo been named after Isaac Asimov? And does the open cat robot drop objects from tables and shelves?


I'm sure its pronounced "Sofie"

Cestarian Inhabitant says:

Handle… wtf man, it's like a little prototype knightmare frame.Planning world domination anytime soon?

Mate Varszegi says:

it's funny how nobody points out how these machines are powered. I have hard time believing these run off 18650's and need recharge periodically. Probably the very first milestone would be the power source development to ensure reliable operation. But hey, smoke and mirrors, as usual. I mean circus and bread to entertain them sheeple.

Fran L says:

Where's the next generation robots? You're only showing robots from last year and older..

Russian says:

Creepiest shit. We will die soon. Skynet is coming.

Lighting Bird says:

All these things are extremely stupid.
When there is no inner understanding of life,
external things are done to compensate.
Nobody thinks about the consequences.

ontheedge33371 says:

Haha nice video but the swimming fish is
Un Tethered
Not underneath
Well it goes underneath the water un tethered 🙂

Caius Postumius Turrinus says:

ATLAS and SPOT have DARPA written all over it.

fourth panda says:

What about FIRST Robotics Competition robots? Add those in another list

Mark Perugini says:


Tommie Reid says:

Search and rescue? I think not.. More like Seek and destroy.

EVIL Co. says:

Laugh now, run later.

Tague Relyea says:

Like everyone supposed to be impressed with war machines killing and death fck Boston dynamic

Frank Wilkinson says:

Who gives a F@ck nothing new so why even make a video on this same same. All the things they just showed in this video they could do last year nothing new here folks. 2 thumbs down.

Mike Adkins says:

I like all the robots, each for a different reason. Robots are my life. I work for the largest robot mfg in the world. I also did Robot Wars Extreme Warriors in 2001. Also had a 210 lb. bot in Robotica. That was a great time for my son and myself. It was just us 2 that made up the entire team.

Otto Thompson says:

10 years from now these robots will look like a joke compared to what we will have.

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