Another 4 CRAZY Kickstarter GADGETS that never delivered – SGR

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Join in the KickScammers detective agency right here…

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Daniel Ibbertson says:

Join in the KickScammers detective agency right here…

Flare0080 says:

I'd rather have Pinkie Pie spit in my food than back any of these projects.

Commodorefan64 says:

Looks like I'll have to make a cat box out of a free US postal box, some old carpet, and spray paint lol.

Leslie Taylor says:

It needs to be made clear: People don’t get charged unless the project made target at the end of the time period. This and another video made it sound like people are charged even when the project fails.

I’m just suggesting Daniel should be more careful in his wording for people not familiar with crowdfunding (he has clarified in the past that some IndieGoGo projects use partial funding, so they get the money even if they don’t hit target).

Thanks for the videos, Daniel!

K. Charrette says:

That nostalgic Tetris Attack music on the Saliva Scanner entry though <3

8th Music says:

That exercise computer chair was made for viewing pornography

Quix says:

Lol, my cat's favorite boxes are the ones that come from Amazon, he'd never accept a fancy productized box.

EarthboundX says:

Your Kickstarter videos have quickly became my favorite type of videos you do, there's just so many fascinating stories with Kickstarter.

Karly Warly says:

Am I the only one who actually thinks Boxy Bed is a great idea? lol

Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho says:

after hilter

KeithShizuo says:

how can they deliver if they arnt funded

Trumble says:

TBH the cat box thing wasn't terrible, just had way too high of a funding goal, and price point. My cats have something similar that is also purpose built with a very cheap replaceable scratch pad in the bottom, it is like thick industrial cardboard tube strength material. My cats are also Maine Coons that weigh like 25 pounds and blow out normal boxes though, but these boxes are going 3 years strong now.

Gaijillionaire says:

The important thing is that they tried!

Xen Xander says:

'Creamy Elephant' reminds me of 'Freddy Got Fingered'….

Jomaster The Second says:

So they didn't deliver because 4 out of 5 they never got funded? Lol

Otaking Mikohani says:

So you have to be rich enough to live in New York and still have $4000 laying around, AND you have to be stupid enough to want something that actually prevents you from doing work? I'm surprised Trump didn't back this

projectOMA says:

I first read myidkey as "my kidney"… i would but a kidney from kickstarter.

Nice use of vaperwave in the background of a video about vaperware products. And an 8-bit Benny Hill song at the end? Love it. Keep making great videos man.

ian perera says:

You and Larry are awesome

SlyBeast says:

Who registers an account at PornHub? A friend told me that you can get the intended experience without registering, thus, no password.

Stefan Ott says:

Fantastic video! You sound like a disappointed father when you read my name. Sorry dad.

Miguel Hernandez says:

I love these videos.

For the Glory of Mankind says:

@5:41, Did I see AA= #2, and Wagdug Futuristic Unity? I take it your also a fan of The Mad Capsule Markets?

Fairfax Video says:

The… Last? 🙁

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