2018 Chinese Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

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Spins, flames, and off-track excursions were the order of the day as final practice got underway ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix

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Gulfairus Kozhabekova says:

who knows the name of the music?

Matt Cecil says:

Not a good look Renault, every day a Renault engine blows up, is a day Renault's reputation gets worse and worse, didn't even make it two practice sessions and your pathetic engine failed

The Second Nemesis says:

Get it together RENAULT ENGINES!!!

Evance Temu says:

FP3 highlights with commentary! Wow

Jonathan Sweeney says:

I don’t mind Lewis Hamilton winning the title just last season I wanted a title battle until the end and we didn’t get that I don’t want a white wash of Ferrari dominiace

Rithvik Kottapalli says:

Lewis Hamilton is the first word

turboboy1983 says:

The three PU rule is ridiculous. The majority of the cost is in research and development, not the pu’s themselves. They need to make it to where you can have 8 or 9 PU’s for the season but only three upgraded versions. So if an engine dies, the team can replace it with an identical engine without penalty. If they decide to replace it with an upgraded version more than three times, then that would incur grid penalties. I think that’s a fair compromise in an effort to mitigate the painfully slow race pace.

Jos-theboss says:

The renault engine doesnt overclock very well…

ted belcher says:

50 fps 1080p world tour

Big Boss says:

Red Bull will take Honda next year

Kostas says:

1) 0:06 I want this face to f1 2018 game
2) I want this music to the game

Bharath M says:

"Red bull renault" is the new Honda..

DeWeberis says:

RedBull is not gona 'rebuild' the blown engine, but replace it.

PSilence 01 says:

They need to put driver names on halo. Like if you agree…

Zeb says:

I like the idea of slick astroturf keeping the drivers honest.

The Sincere Devil says:

What the fuck is Redbull doing

Max Max says:

0:28 fans fron Ukraine

ericsbuds says:

what the heck Red Bull?!??

Eric G. Vilella says:

0:39 Fidger Spiner time!


Results for race tomorow
Sebastian Vettel P1
Lewis hamiltom P2
Valteri bottas P3
4 kimi Räikkönen
5 ricardo , redbull
6 grosgian ,haas

Arpit Pandey says:

Why does liberty media only focus on Ferrari ,Mercedes ,and red bull . You should have spoken about force India good comeback in fp3

13Xerro says:

Ugh, that music is horribly generic (and crap.)

Lemuel Dingal says:

Are those flames on Haas rear wheels? 0:25

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